Bedroom Inspiration

I don’t know if it’s the frustration of not yet really hearing anything back from the estate agents about our dream home, or just me getting ahead of myself, but I’m continuing the current interiors theme. We’ve been sketching out layout drawings and discussing uses for each room, so I’ve started thinking about other aspects of our *hopefully* new home. My Pinterest has been certainly going mad recently whenever I have a spare moment, and one aspect I’ve focused on is the bedroom. It was only when I went back onto my board that there was definitely a signature style appearing.

In the Plymouth flat, we haven’t actually decorated it at all since we moved in. I mean, it was kinda fine, and mostly plain. Not necessarily to my taste with the leaf print wallpaper and beige walls, but it certainly isn’t too bad.

In the new house there are white walls galore in every room and there are enough spare rooms to do as we have done now and not have to worry about wardrobes in the bedroom! This makes the whole space feel so much lighter and more open, which is how I think a bedroom really should feel. Calm, bright and airy, with a touch of Scandi style thrown in.

I love the idea of some beautiful wooden furniture and white bed linen with a sky high thread count, scattered with soft throws and feather cushions. I’d want some plants to clean the air and add interest, with quirky lighting and simple artwork. We have already started to slowly try and buy things for the bedroom that fit this aesthetic, but it’s a work in progress, trying to choose quality over quantity is an expensive process. In the mean time, I’ve often found that with a bit of creative flair and a few statement pieces you can create a Pinterest worthy bedroom to be proud of!

I’ve included all the original links for the inspiration I’ve come across whilst dreaming of my perfect bedroom below:

From top left…

*This post is a collaboration, but all mood board inspiration is my own*