Lovely Things || September

September has always been a transitional month. New year at school, constantly pushing forward, moving from one stage to the next like the leaves changing from green to red. Over the years it’s had it’s ups and downs, with elation from starting new life stages, but also some pretty hard realities (although possibly the most major of these can now be celebrated- September 2016 marks the 11th year of survival since my lovely mum was first diagnosed with cancer!). I love the autumn and each year find it fascinatingly beautiful watching the seasons change. Watching the nights draw in darker is possibly the worst part about this, but embracing tights and boots and woolly jumpers, hot drinks and hearty meals and candles and blankets. Pretty much all about embracing Hygge, but I fear using that without you spinning around and shouting #basic at me!

This month has incredibly busy, we had a week off midway through which was a relief as every weekend and nearly every night after work there have been plans and events and things to go to. I love being productive and thrive from rushing around, but there has been slightly too little time and I feel as though Octobers free weekends just to relax and enjoy the longer weekends with Adam will be even more appreciated (especially as he’s not been particularly graced with my presence recently, poor boy!).





Dartmoor with Anna and Nath

This feels like an age ago now, but in the first few days of September we had a weekend camping on Dartmoor. In theory, our first evening was delightful – BBQ, wine, tents up in a flash, I’d made us a nest of duvets, sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. I even got up in the middle of the night to discover a huge hedgehog sniffling around the campfire. We drank luxury hot chocolate, ate a lion’s breakfast and spent the morning picking blackberries, wild swimming in the river and stroking wild Dartmoor ponies. It was then that the rain came down! Relentless, soak you to the skin kinda rain. A&Ns tent became a makeshift swimming pool, we sat in a very local cafe for longer than we were welcome and in the end threw everything into the car (quite literally) and came back to Plymouth for homemade pizza and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Bloody great film btw, if you haven’t seen it, you really should!


Fly Fishing with Work

Every year, as part of a “keep the morale of the staff up” regime, we have two “away days”, one in the summer and one in the winter. Seeing as we’ve covered mackerel fishing, segway safari, going to the cricket and clay pigeon shooting, this summer we went fly fishing. Previously our away days have been awesome, this one however, just wasn’t the same. Maybe it’s because we were all stood so far apart on different lakes, maybe it’s because only one of us caught a single fish. In reality, I appreciate that we were given an afternoon off, and taken to go and try something different, but I probably won’t be choosing to do it again.



Little Orchard Festival

That weekend, was the complete opposite. Sally, Nat and I had bought tickets to a small festival on Healys cider farm near St Agnes months ago, so we spent the day swimming in the sea, eating delicious food, and sipping G&Ts in the sun. This was followed by a hilarious evening at the festival drinking all the rhubarb cider (oh my, it was unbelievable), sing at the top of our lungs in a silent disco, search out pizza and crepes from the delicious food stands and sing and dance our way through some really awesome bands. We were staying at Nat’s nearby so the next morning was a slow one as I struggled to remember all the songs I used to play on the piano in her kitchen, and heading up to Wheal Coates for some fresh sea air and a walk. It is weekends like this that really do fill up your soul with happiness, and one of the many reasons I miss living in Cornwall!


A week off

One of the things I love about this blog is that I can be entirely truthful. So here’s the truth…our week off wasn’t great.

I had such high hopes for a relaxed happy and fun week that seemed to go on and on. We didn’t have any particular plans so I envisaged lazy mornings making brunch and reading in bed, days out strolling hand in hand through grassy meadows. Getting stuff done, like selling the car, listing the huge bag of clothes I’ve been saving on eBay, writing 438295734 blog posts to schedule.

You know, making the most of a week at home without any plans.

It didn’t happen like that.

Sometimes in life you just have to accept that things don’t always go to plan. I admit it might be because I was resentful that we couldn’t afford to spend September exploring the world because we’re buying a house, or the fact I’d not spent any time on my own for 5 days or so. I find that hard, and was angry for being made to feel guilty for wanting to lie in. I tried really hard not to be though, promise! You argue, you have different hopes and plans for the week, you just don’t see eye to eye. Then before you know if you both feel as though your precious 5 days annual leave was wasted and everyone feels sad and disappointed. Still, there’s nothing quite like making friends again after spending an afternoon fibre glassing the coach roof of a boat together.

Note: it’s much easier with 4 hands than 2! 




The end of our week off definitely lightened the mood as we set off down to Cornwall to celebrate Alex and Matt’s wedding. Staying with Anna and Nath, we arrived just on time, to the most beautiful outdoor ceremony in an orchard, basked in September sunshine. Alex and her bridesmaids looked stunning and the creativity and detail that had gone into the whole thing was incredible. Kestle Barton was their perfect location with loads of outdoor space and beautiful gardens. I also may have stolen the bottom left photo from the beautiful photos that Sarah took of the day – far better than those I took on my phone! The marquee was so original and I loved all the touches Alex had brought together. Of course, we also ended up as the rowdy table that scooped up all the half empty wine bottles and had a jolly old time dancing away! We were so honoured to be invited, and it really was such a highlight of my month!


Bloggers Food Safari

When I was invited* to an evening with the Plymouth Bloggers to grab some food and go and see Bridget Jones’ Baby, there was no turning the offer down. We started at Chiquitos for cocktails and starters, which were brought out by the platter load. A handy random selection by Emily meant I also ended up with the most delicious cocktail ever – the Grey Sunrise (Grey Goose vodka, passion fruit purée, fresh lime juice and a hint of vanilla. Served with a shot of Prosecco) which I absolutely loved. Favs from their starter menu were definitely the soft tacos, mexican garlic bread and potato skins! I’ve never actually been to Chiquitos before and I realised what a mistake that was – such a huge range of food and drinks, and I love the sombreros!

For our mains and pud we set off into Frankie & Bennies (shoot me down, but another I’ve never been to!!) and as we were short on time, and I’d possibly overdone it on the starters, I thought getting a pizza meant I could at least take half of it home! Great plan. I ordered an espresso martini, but whilst I enjoyed it loads at the time, I wasn’t loving it at 1am when I was still awake!!! For puds, I was so full, so ended up sharing their pudding selection plate with Elle.

I love sharing food, it means you can try a bit of everything!

Also, the F&B hunnies were super nice and gave all readers a hot smokin’ 20% off if you use the code 9687-DVXQ-BLOG before the end of December!

*My evening out was paid for, but all opinions are my own*

Bridget Jones’ Baby

Now on to the big guns, Bridget Jones


I bloody loved it.

You know when you don’t know about the sequel to a good film because you’re worried it won’t be as good as the first, but then it’s actually still pretty funny so you’re ok and can enjoy it. It’s not often they then bring out a third about a decade later…so yes, I was worried it would ruin the good work already put in. Question is – did it?

Absolutely not!

The cinema was packed and everybody laughed through the entire thing. I even cried with laughter at one point. No seriously. If you’ve seen it, this was definitely in the bit on the way to the hospital!

Yes it was cheesy AF, it was ridiculously squirmingly awkward at points, but it was seriously so good.

Then again, from Bridget Jones, you’d expect nothing less!!



Devon Girls Weekend in the Cotswolds

To round off this gloriously busy and jam packed month, I spent last weekend in the Cotswolds with three wonderful women I’ve been friends with nearly longer than anyone else I know. We booked a weekend in a Hayloft months ago and finally the September weekend came around. Think every stereotype you can imagine for women (though we didn’t quite have a pillow fight). We did however have some great wine induced chats, a splendid walk in the sunshine, ended up at a trampoline park one afternoon for some bouncing fun and eat some really great food too (despite arriving to find that there was no cooker, microwave, normal fridge or even a toaster!) I’m going to actually write a proper post on this so watch this space!


I can see this month why some bloggers find they have to do Friday Favourites or Weekly Highlights – there’s been just so much going on in September to fit in one single post! If you’ve got this far, I applaud you (even if you have just looked through the photos… 😉 ) October is looking to be sunny and cooler, with *hopefully* some more chill time and less mad rushing around.

I won’t be held to that!

I mean, to kick off the month tomorrow I’m heading to Leeds for a mere 19 hours to attend the Bloggers Blog Awards!

*I’m actually more than a little big terrified, I feel like the new kid at school!*

BUT I don’t actually have every spare second booked up this month coming, and all the times I’ve had to tell people since about June “sorry, I’m not free until mid October” will soon turn into “actually, yes, I am free”.

Have a splendid weekend my lovelies, and wish me luck tomorrow!! Eeeeeeek!