Brazilian BBQ Chicken – Blogger Boyfriend Style!

Brazilian BBQ Chicken Blogger Boyfriend Style 1Brazilian BBQ Chicken Blogger Boyfriend Style 2

In typical blogger style, by the time we ate this Brazilian BBQ chicken it was cold. Seriously though, cold or hot, it tasted SO good.

I’m not a fan of meat on the bone, I know that’s a biggie for a lot of people, and that chicken thighs are way more tender and succulent than breast, but all those tendons just aren’t my jam, soz. Plus, we had some chicken breast in the fridge, which I smothered in the Encona Brazilian BBQ sauce, covered with foil and left it to marinade for a few hours.

When deciding what to make to go with it, I wanted to go for something authentic, but didn’t really have a plan and ended up making a mix of wild rice and peas (with kidney beans, spring onions, sundried tomatoes and chives), and a spiced coleslaw with white cabbage, carrots, mayo, spring onions, seasoning and some mustard.

The chicken breasts were probably marinading for about 4 hours, but the longer the better in my opinion. I fried them up in a little oil, covering with foil in between turning to keep the moisture in. On it’s own the sauce was quite hot and spicy (despite being labelled “medium”, but then again I am a wuss with really spicy stuff), but actually with a little bit to flavour the chicken, it was incredible. I love a smokey BBQ flavour and this Brazilian version was smokey, spicy but also had a sweetness to it that really enhanced it’s taste. With a blend of red chillies, smoked paprika and lime I’m not surprised.

However, I did promised that this Brazilian BBQ Chicken recipe would be blogger boyfriend style, and you’ll see why.

Brazilian BBQ Chicken Blogger Boyfriend Style 4Brazilian BBQ Chicken Blogger Boyfriend Style 3

Adam worked all of last weekend, so I was happy to cook him a treat and feed him up on Sunday night whilst he relaxed after a long day being a professional pirate at sea (I’m actually serious with this job description, I’ll explain properly another time!). However, he loves food and cooking just as much as me, and we usually end up stirring chopping and sampling each others cooking as we go along, so this dish was no different.

The bit that made us both belly laugh until tears were creeping down my face, was just the moment when he tried to present the rice tower. He loves a good fancy kitchen implement, and although chefs rings aren’t complex, they also aren’t necessary in a usual kitchen! We both set out with a big bowl of rice and peas, a teaspoon, and determination to present it perfectly in a tower…which didn’t quite turn out as expected…!!

Brazilian BBQ Chicken Blogger Boyfriend Style 5Brazilian BBQ Chicken Blogger Boyfriend Style 6

Luckily, my tower stayed sturdy which worked for photographing (though by this point it had all gone a bit mad so I apologise that they’re mildly blurry – let’s call it “artistic flare”). Adam’s heap of rice was then added to by scattered BBQ chicken and a mound of coleslaw just plonked on top. For him, a HUGE plate of deliciousness. For me, a neat and definitely more suitable portion of well presented dinner.

Overall this whole meal was actually really simple to make, would be great on a BBQ, and seriously, that chicken was immense. I served mine up with a cautious amount of the jalapeno sauce on the side but then immediately went back for more. I didn’t ever think I liked jalapenos, but the sauce said mild, and it was absolutely scrummy. I feel as though that’s a word you’d maybe only ever use age 5 and under. But still, it tasted goooooood!

With the Olympics starting soon, the world is no doubt soon to go Brazilian mad, so why not go with the flow and get yourself down that condiment aisle to snap some up and fill your life with spicy Brazilian BBQ deliciousness.

*I was sent these sauces for the purpose of a review, but the recipe and Brazilian BBQ deliciousness was all my own*