A Holiday Spent Smashing Up the House

A Holiday Spent Smashing Up the House 1

We aren’t going on holiday this year.

I may not even get on a plane during 2017.

Whilst the lack of travel and missing out on basking in the sun, sipping on cocktails and looking out across a vast blue ocean does make me sad, we had a really great week off last week at home.

If, as weeks go, “really great” means smashing up parts of your house, spending 92% of your time in the same paint splattered vest top and holey-crotched shorts, and barely even glancing at my phone, let alone even thinking about a computer screen.

Having moved into the dream house in April, pretty much every spare minute we’ve had has been spent doing something on it. Don’t get me wrong, when we got the keys the whole place was very liveable. Dipped from top to bottom in magnolia pre-sale, once we’d got the boiler working we could happily manage as it was. But we didn’t want to just manage. So out the to-do list came.

We have a plan for every room. Plans we’ve discussed at length for over a year now since we first set our eyes on it. Dreams we’ll have almost certainly shared with you if you’ve ever visited, as we proudly dismiss the damp walls, 90’s seascape cartoon bathroom tiles and the “snug” which is reminiscent of an indoor shed as it currently has a concrete floor and is stuffed floor to ceiling with tools.

I love it.

Coming home, walking through the iron gate and down the path fills me with happiness.

Our neighbours have also noted quite house busy we’ve been (lol, I wrote a typo by accident then and put “busty” – made me laugh). Every free weekend since we moved in we’ve written a list of the jobs that need doing, then just cracked on. However, between Friday and Sunday night it really doesn’t give you that much time.

Hence, when our potential holiday plans fell through, instead we decided to stay at home. Get stuff done. Smash that to-do list (and the outside loo as well).

A Holiday Spent Smashing Up the House 3

A Holiday Spent Smashing Up the House 2

A Holiday Spent Smashing Up the House 4


Luckily for us, my Mum as a teacher is also off currently, so we had her help for three days, and it was a lifesaver. Between the three of us, we managed to move a huge pile of logs; go to the tip; dismantle a shed in someone’s garden, pack it in the van and then re-erect it in our garden; paint it black; re-felt the roof; re-do the fascias; wallpaper the ceiling of my office (with the BEST kitsch flowery wallpaper); build an IKEA stool and bookcase; upcycle and chalk paint the bureau; put up my picture shelf and other photos; buy and re-pot a lot of houseplants. FYI no photos of the inside yet, I’ll do an office tour post when it’s completely finished…

Basically, we didn’t stop.

Then once Mum had departed (probably for a rest!!) we treated ourselves to haircuts with Adam’s cousin Lucy who’s currently training. It is honestly one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had. She put in so much care and attention, and I love it. Holiday haircuts are now a thing.

Though, unlike your usual holiday pampering, mine was swiftly followed by collecting a tonne of gravel (umm, literally), then rushing home to empty it into many many wheelbarrow loads to the back garden, ready to go back an hour later before Wickes closed and pick up the other tonne.

I may have left Adam to do this bit on his own (sorry bubba!) whilst I cooked us up a delicious king prawn, tomato, rocket, and mini roast potato dinner with homemade parsley and walnut pesto, which we then took to see the first night of the national firework championships!

A Holiday Spent Smashing Up the House 6


Throughout the rest of the week we cracked on, though at a slightly slower pace than from Mum’s whirlwind! Going back to the shed house, as they’re landscaping their whole garden, we managed to get hold of their granite blocks that had made a raised bed, a fig tree and a pear tree, as well as a banana plant for Mum from Adam’s colleague next door!

We dug these into the ground at the bottom of the garden, filled in the shed frame with gravel to make it neater and potted up my eucalyptus in a new slate trough. Then, between my colleagues visiting for nachos and the second night of fireworks on Thursday, one of mum’s friends coming over for an afternoon visit on Friday and Emily and Matt for pizza night (where we ended up getting them to make their own dinner) we were pretty full with guests. In fact,  of the 9 nights we had over the week off, we were on our own for just 2!

At the weekend, our friend Nath came to visit and the DIY fun really begun, with the smashing up of the outside loo. With regret from our neighbour as it had sentimental value (it’s an outdoor toilet…really?), we thought it was more of an eyesore, and instead we plan to build a lower height, full width log store in it’s place, along the back of the extension.

Smashy smash smash.

We now have a lovely pile of rubble outside our kitchen door and an odd looking stripe of magnolia on the back of the house. Still, another good job done to add to the list.

I can imagine that not many people spent their week off over the summer holiday wielding a sledge hammer…

A Holiday Spent Smashing Up the House 5

  • Can’t wait to see pictures when you’re all done! I am super impressed that you know how to do all this, by the way. I can paint a room and that’s about it xxx

    • I’ll let you in on a secret – we don’t! A lot of it is trial and error and step by step working our way through it or we just do a lot of googling! Wickes do really handy “how to” guides as well for all sorts of DIY projects! Has your house got lots of projects? xxx

      • We’ve only got a little flat so there’s not much to it, and it’s not tooooo bad, but the bathroom needs re-doing pretty much from scratch and that’s way beyond our skill and budget xxx

        • No way, you could totally do at least some of it! I never believed we’d be able to do up a whole bathroom ourselves but we did in our old flat! The more you do yourselves the cheaper it is too. We’re planning to do our bathroom/en-suite this winter and I’m excited!! It also depends if you need to move pipes…etc. The decor and changing like for like isnt too hard! xxx

          • I’m pretty sure you are over-estimating my capabilities! Tiling? Plumbing? Not a clue xxx

            • Haha me neither before we started – that’s where Youtube comes in! 😉 (I genuinely had “how to tile” videos playing on the ipad next to me when I was tiling the bathroom last year! xxx

  • Oh wow you seem to have been busy bees! It must be so amazing to be working on your own home! 😀

    • Very busy (and now tired) bees! It’s certainly rewarding knowing that we’ll reap the benefits in the long run! xxx

  • Sounds knackering but ultimately satisfying, I bet. We’re not having a summer holiday this year either, as Mr P is learning to drive which is obviously expensive. Instead, I’m looking at a possible weekend in Berlin in January and then making the most of Mr P’s work van for UK-based weekends away if/when he passes in September.

    • It was exhausting! This week I’ve suffered definitely! Oooh that’s exciting though, I can imagine it’s tricky learning to drive when you’re a bit older, when you’re 17 it seems less expensive as you have disposable income compared to as an adulting adult where we have lots of other outgoings! We now have a big transit van (called “snowflake” – not by me I might add) but we’ve slept away in her a few times! Exciting going to Berlin, I’ve never been but it’s somewhere that intrigues me! xxx

  • Can’t wait for the final result!! Looks so cool!

    Have an awesome day!

    xx Kris


    • Seems funny but neither can I! I wonder a lot if it will all end up exactly as I imagine it in my head! xxx

  • It’s going to be so gorgeous! xxx

    • It really is! When we’re less rubbly, I’d love it if you and Sam took a bit of a road trip and came to stay!! 😀 Do some Cornish exploring! Xxx

      • I’m not sure if I told you but we will be in Penzance in the Spring for Sam’s step-mum’s big 70th birthday bash! xx

        • Woaaaaa now this is big news!! Please can we squeeze in some time in there to actually become real life friends?! 😉 xxx

  • Adele Miner

    You have the cutest little house ever.. that is my dream. I cannot wait to see the end result! I am so glad I cam across your blog too, I can see you have worked really hard on it and it is completely paying off, well done pretty lady! x


    • Thank you Adele, its so lovely to have comments from new readers, it means so much!! :) you’ve really made a girls Saturday!! Xxxx

  • Cat

    You really have the dream house!! Sounds like a busy but very satisfying holiday and I’m looking forward to seeing the photos when you’re finished!

    C x

    • Thanks Cat! It’s going to be really slow progress over the next few years, but when we’re done it will be amazing I just know it! 😀 xxx

  • Yasmin

    Sounds like a lot of fun, and like you’ve enjoyed yourself despite not jetting off! gotta love a bit of DIY!

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

    • Hi Yasmin! It is quite fun, most of the time (though I appear to have a short attention span with DIY jobs that are repetitive and boring, as Adam will definitely tell you!) Have you ever done any renovations? xxx

  • I can’t wait to see what you share with us when you are done! Well done on getting everything done this weekend!


    • Thank you! :) I’m excited to do a tour bit by bit! We’ll be slowly working on each room as and when we have the time and can afford it! xxx

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