• Is Blog Engagement More Important Than Stats?

    Is blog engagement more important than stats

    I’ve noticed recently, there seem to be a lot of interesting articles about what it is to be a blogger, or the new form that blogging has taken in the last few years. We’re now “influencers”. The blogging world has moved from an online-diary-style chat platform, to a glossy, perfected magazine. It’s overtaking physical magazines […]

  • 2 Years of Blogging (+ GIVEAWAY)

    Wooden Window Sills 2 Years of Blogging and Giveaway 1

    I’ve been blogging for 2 YEARS! Can you believe it? Wooden Window Sills, in all it’s shining -food, lifestyle and adventuring- glory, has been live and kicking for a whole 2 years! Happy blog Anniversary to me! I’m actually really chuffed I’ve stuck at it, and got so much out of it – I never would […]

  • Some Blogging Observations…


    I’m currently on an absolutely packed train heading back from two days work in London. I’m actually pretty lucky that I got a seat, a tonne of people on here didn’t! Whilst I do actually enjoy getting out and about from the office and both my meeting and my presentation went really well, it inevitably […]

  • My Favourite Blogs: Cate in the Kitchen


    Today you have the chance to meet Cate, the foodie from Brighton whose experimental and wonderfully witty posts document her kitchen adventures, beautiful food photography and fantastic way of not taking life too seriously. Expect some seriously enviable recipes, many of which are vegetarian or vegan and occasional snapshots into life with her gorgeous border terrier, Molly. […]