1 Year of Blogging (+ GIVEAWAY)

As the months speed by, I suddenly noticed last week that I have been blogging for one whole year!

Whilst thinking about my 1 year of blogging, I realised I have a lot to show for it. Thanks to Wooden Window Sills, I’ve:

  • Met some wonderful people, both in person and online
  • Discovered other blogs which I now read religiously,
  • Taught myself a fair old bit of coding,
  • Got really interested in photography and made an effort with my camera
  • Extended my baking repertoire (especially during the Bake Off Bake Along),
  • Worked alongside multiple great PRs and brands,
  • Joined Twitter
  • Learnt about useful internet things (hello, SEO…)
  • Become more intentional with my free time
  • Boosted my creativity, and applied that to other aspects of my life.

Yes, it consumes my time and thoughts and can sometimes be a pain for those around me when I’m constantly taking photos of days out, planning new DIY projects or searching out new recipes. Either that or simply trying to squeeze in moments to write or edit in the very limited free time I have between working full time, doing sports or fitness classes most nights, renovating the flat and, you know, having a social life and keeping up with friends and family.

I’ve come to love my blog, it’s not necessarily just something I do just as and when, it’s a space I want to dedicate time to and continue to develop and grow.

If you have been around since the very beginning, or if you’ve stumbled across it today, thank you. I really do appreciate every little view, comment and interaction with anyone who is interested in my ramblings and goings on.

1 Year of Blogging Celebration Cake Giveaway Archives

If you haven’t ever explored back into the archives, my first ever post is here, as we explored Clovelly in North Devon to celebrate spending 730 days together as a couple. Another favourite of mine was a very windy walk to Rame Head, as I struggled to get to grips with using a DSLR.

A few months ago, when I reached another significant milestone, I ran my first giveaway, and the response was amazing (after all, who doesn’t appreciate presents in the post?!). Therefore, to celebrate 1 year of blogging, I’m going to do another. To win cake.

Yes, you heard correctly.


As it’s a blogging birthday/anniversary of sorts, I am going to send one lucky wonderful person a deliciously scrumptious homemade cake of their choice.

I’m not going mad, this can be done (and in fact one lovely friend of mine wrapped a delicious lemon drizzle and posted it to me whilst I was at uni so I know it will work)!

To win this prize of all prizes, simply enter through the link below. I’ll send the winner a message to discuss all necessaries and before you know it the cake* of your choice will be whizzing its way to you.

*even if you reallllly don’t like cake, I’d be happy to substitute with biscuits, tarts or even bread…heck I’m feeling generous! Any dietry requirements can also be catered for you poor poor vegan/celiac/lactose intolerant people!  Sadly though, I’m not sure cake would survive transatlantic flight so I can only send delicious baked goods to those in the UK! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you all for following along and providing so much support and insight, here’s to the next year of blogging!