Blowing Away the Cobwebs

adventures-rame-head-cornwall-horsesadventures-rame-head-cornwall-heatherBy blowing away the cobwebs, I mean really blowing! It was incredibly windy today and as Adam’s best friend Sam was visiting we decided to go for a blustery walk around Rame Head in Cornwall. I’ve not been on the Torpoint ferry before and although it is a journey of about 10 minutes across the Tamar, it was still more fun than just driving over the bridge.

adventures-rame-head-cornwall-sea-scape-windadventures-rame-head-cornwall-ferryAdam hates driving down the winding single track lanes, but there’s one particular road on the way which goes through a ford and is only accessible at low tide as when the tide is in, the entire road is under water! This joker made for some hilarious windy photos – these two  especially thought went nicely together!

adventures-rame-head-cornwall-sam-jokeradventures-rame-head-cornwall-cloudsadventures-rame-head-cornwall-oceanadventures-rame-head-cornwall-adam-sam-seaadventures-rame-head-cornwall-archwayadventures-rame-head-cornwall-alice-laughingThis photo makes me laugh every time I look at it. I can’t even remember what was said, it must have been funny though whatever it was! The sunshine was fab but the wind was ridiculously strong – so many white horses as far as the eye can see. Rame was beautiful and a perfect adventure, coupled with some lunch in Cawsand and a walk across to Kingsand admiring the many beautiful seaside properties along the way. The continuously humping hilarity of Samuel Launders reminded both of us why having him to stay makes for a fantastic weekend.