Travel Sacrifices

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When it comes to travel, 2017 hasn’t been my year.

In fact, I won’t have even stepped onto a plane.

Which for someone who has “food, travel and lifestyle” stamped on her blogs business cards, I feel a bit of a fraud.

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If I could have chosen, the year would have involved exploration of a lot more exciting places, some sun and exotic seas, and beautiful city breaks. However, I still wouldn’t change it for the alternative.

Because in reality the reason I’ve sacrificed travel this year is because we’ve bought a beautiful house.

We knew when we found the house of our dreams that it was out of our affordability. Instead of exploring new lands we’ve been exploring every corner of our home, making plans and starting the hard work.

Whilst most people think of travel as somewhere overseas, there are so many options to travel locally as well, especially when you’ve just moved into a lovely new area. Whether flying for 13 hours or walking down the road, travel is exactly what you make it.

We’ve made the most of weekend visitors, short trips away and galavanting around the Cornish seaside. Like the weekend I had recently with Anna and Olivia at Bluemonkey in Cawsand. Somewhere I’ve visited before,  I absolutely love it, so it was brilliant to have a girly weekend together. I may even do a slightly longer post on it as I took lots of photos and the opportunity to stay in such a beautiful holiday home is a rare one.

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Then in May, Sally and I are hoping to head to Paris for our annual trip (that just happened to skip 2017…) and Adam and I have already discussed heading somwhere fun next year. That may well be an extension to the Philippines trip, or somewhere closer to home.

Either way, I’ve realised that sometimes it’s ok to sacrifice travel for bigger things in life. Prioritising what matters to you most might seem like a struggle when you’re browsing through enviable Instagram snaps of holidays here there and everywhere. However, in the bigger picture, I have so many more opportunities to see every country on my bucket list, and I will.

Where have you loved travelling this year, and what’s on the top of your travel list for 2018?

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So whether you’re packing for a weekend with the girls, or cramming as much into hand luggage as you can manage, this amazing bag was gifted to me by Cabin Zero, and they’ve currently given all my readers and extra 10% off  on top of their Black Friday sale for their lightweight, perfectly cabin sized luggage with the code CZALICEBAYFIELD.

Thanks for this post also to Olivia for the gorgeous photos!


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  • Your house is so worth it though, isn’t it? What an amazing gaff! We only managed a quick few days visiting my brother-in-law and family in Cornwall this year due to Mr P learning to drive which ate up our finances. However, looking on the bright side, if/when he passes, we’ll be able to make the most of weekends away in the UK with the whippet in tow. Next year, I really want t go to Sorrento (which was supposed to be our main holiday this year) and I fancy a weekend away too, maybe Amsterdam or Seville x

    • Some years it works out like that I guess! And like you said, he benefits of learning to drive significantly outweigh one year of having to cut back on trips! Ohhhh all of those options sound fantastic! Alice xxx

  • 2018 is another visa application year and it’s a several grand doozy so all my funds are going to that. So the only big travel we have planned is a trip to America in October next year. (I’m a bridesmaid for one of my best friends so I need to make it to that wedding no matter what!) x

    • Ooooh this is the big one right?! As in the big application, also amazingly exciting about the wedding too, and you so deserve a wonderful trip home! xxxx

  • It’s definitely worth that sacrifice! I’d do the same if there was any realistic chance of upsizing in London! Love the backpack too – sounds ideal for travel! x

    • It’s so fab, I’ve actually bought another one in their sale, because they were some seriously good deals and I have already used my orange one so many times! xxxx

  • Love the backpack! :)
    Also, about the sacrifice, I think that unless you want to be a nomad, it’s normal to make travel sacrifice for important parts of life. Especially for a house! So worth it!

    • Haha true true, though being a nomad sounds lots of fun I also love the stability and comfort of being home! xxx

  • Ugh, I can relate so much! Although I did squeeze in one trip this year and I’m heading to Barcelona in March, the next couple of years are going to be lacking a bit on the travel front as I make the push towards jumping on the property ladder. It’s worth it though! x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    • So worth it, unbelievably worth it, it’s just funny how when I was saving every penny I could, I still managed to relinquish a bit to visit a few new countries, and then as soon as I’ve actually saved enough to buy a house, all your money has shot back down to £0 and you end up living for each pay check each month! xxx

  • Sounds absolutely amazing!

    Ellie xx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Loved reading this post lady – your house is absolutely beautiful; and whilst i can imagine like you said it’s been hard to see snaps of people away – you have a beautiful home that it yours and it’s absolutely all worth it in the end! I love staycations in the UK, sometimes it’s just nice to have a change of scenery and spend a few nights away! I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for you lovely!

    Hayley xo

    • Thanks so much my love! I’m hoping that 2018 contains a lot more dashing around the world! We’ll see ehh, I’ve got some big plans! Xxx

  • Traveling is super fun, I am sure your 2018 will be better. The more you travel, the more stuff you discover. That is a pretty nice bag there.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    • I’ve definitely got some big plans for it over the next year, we’ll just have to see…!! xxx

  • I haven’t travelled as much this year either and although I still can’t afford a house, I’ve managed to save some money which is a win in my eyes. I hope you’re enjoying your new home and fingers crossed you get on some great travel adventures next year!

    • Woo well done you for saving money though, it’s so hard to! Let’s both look forward to more travel in 2018! xxx

  • This post really hit home for me – I think your 2017 is going to be my 2018, in terms of travel sacrifices. But I am feeling really inspired by you and some other lovely UK lifestyle/travel bloggers who seem to have found so much peace at home, making yourself a little nest and exploring/enjoying where you are. I’m hoping that my travel sacrifices in 2018 come with an equal amount of peace!

    • You know what, on reflection, it’s ok not to go abroad, I saw a lot of cities around the UK, and have LOVED spending so much time getting on with things at home – I think even though I love to explore and I’m itching to get on a plane, I’m a true home bird at heart! I hope you find that too, and all it means is you can go away twice as much the year after! 😉 xxx