• Lovely Things || August 2017

    Lovely things August 2017 1

    Hello! Unlike last month where I ended up pretty ridiculously behind, this month has been better! Look at me, getting this done on the 1st September. In fact, 1st September 2017 was the exact date as mentioned in the chapter “19 Years Later” – one for you HP fans out there. So a momentous day […]

  • Fit and Fat

    Fit and Fat 3

    Originally titled “Fit but Fat” I actually decided there was no need for the but (after all, this post is all about having too much of that already…). Therefore it’s now “Fit and Fat”, or more precisely, how I am both. Yep I’m physically fit, and visibly fat. Now before you click off this quicker […]

  • The Closest Beach to Home

    An evening with my brother 10 - Copy

    I won’t lie, Exmouth isn’t my favourite beach in the world. However, it’s also a lot nicer than some of the beaches around the world. It’s also conveniently the closest beach to home. Therefore, despite the gritty sand, mildly chavvy town and super strong estuary currents, we actually used to visit quite a lot. Trips […]

  • Life on the go

    Life On The Go Rombouts

    Morning lovelies. Thought I’d just write a quick little chatty post as I haven’t in a while, I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine (well, apart from the crazy rain storms this weekend, huh, felt like the clouds needed a “you ok hun?”). As June was so extraordinarily busy this year, I vowed to make July […]