• Wooden Window Sills

    Wooden Window Sills 3

    Afternoon Chickas! I’m back, well, sporadically. Apologies for going AWOL, you see, I’ve had very good reason to be – WE’VE MOVED IN!!! I can confirm, finally, that I own my very own wooden window sills – quite literally as well, the house has so many old features like shutters, fireplaces in every room and deep […]

  • Lovely Things || March 2017

    Lovely Things March 016

    March was possibly the busiest so far this year! Hence the reason why this is going up 3 days late, but I find the weekends are far better spent doing fun things and trying to be outdoors as much as possible rather than chained to screens. One lovely thing about March has been seeing loads […]

  • Living Apart

    Living Apart 1

    When people ask where I live, it’s not as simple a question as you’d think. You see, there are two places I’d call home, though even that is complicated at the moment. This is a post about living apart, but it’s also going to be one of those little snippets of information about my life, […]

  • Spring Interiors

    Spring Interiors Mood Board Wooden Window Sills Lionshome

    Hasn’t this week felt like Spring?! The longer evenings and occasional bouts of sunshine have certainly perked up my mood and the carpets of daffodils along the hedgerows have finally let it sink in that it’s the middle of March and brighter days are coming. Y’know, what with the springy dancing of little lambs and […]