Lighting trends to replicate in your garden this summer

If you’re anything like me, then you’re a sucker for great lighting.

A well lit room or garden can really make or break a space, and I’ve noticed recently that lighting is at the forefront of interior design.

Maybe it’s our obsession with light and bright insta shots, or the re-imagining of fairy lights that adorned our teenage bedrooms, but regardless of the cause, I’m absolutely loving how much choice and curated thought seems to be on offer in lighting trends at the moment.

As Adam and I work out what we want to change in each room in our house, and the renovation dreams move forward to start actually costing our living room. patio and garden space, I realised that despite knowing in my head what I love, I used to make mood boards for these dreams which help shape what we eventually choose. So here’s another of these today for you, mostly focusing on, you guessed it, lighting.

I’m absolutely loving the green and gold theme at the moment. Crisp white walls, wooden table, green foliage and tint gold or copper fairy lights is the ideal dining table layout. Filling our bay trees outside with tiny twinkling lights, as a miniature version of the house, hawthorns and hedges we filled with fairy lights at Christmas, which were seemingly admired by the whole village. As the weather brightens through spring and days lengthen, we’ve been making the most of our outdoor space as well as our indoor, and trying to find ways we’ll be able to incorporate them both (currently planning for some bi-fold doors in the living room…). I’d also really love some festoon lighting, mixed with big lanterns filled with pillar candles – perfect!

I’ve included some box hedge and lavender inspiration, which is exactly what I picture when I think about how we’d improve the path up to the front of our house. Subtle upward lighting guiding the way after dark, perhaps with automatic solar LEDs. Whether we get around to that part of our plans this year will wait to be seen. For now, we’re focusing on the back of the house, the living room out onto the patio, and, fingers crossed, our summer project!

From Top Left to Bottom Right:


***This is a collaborative post with information from a press release from Festive Lights***