It’s here….the infamous celebration giveaway i promised when I reached both 100 follows on Bloglovin’ and 100 likes on my Facebook page. First of all THANK YOU! I still can’t quite believe that anyone is at all interested in what I’ve got to say, but I absolutely love how blogging has inspired me to do so many different things, and meet so many amazing people (you’re included if you’re reading this!) To celebrate this first massive milestone (I get that 100 really isn’t huge in comparison to the hot shots out there in the blogging world, but hey I’m proud!) I have come up with a way to say thank you!

If you’ve been around since the beginning, you may have noticed my posts on The Perfect Strangers Project, where I have signed up to a swap box scheme and get paired with a lovely person from somewhere else in the world to, well, swap boxes. You give them a little bio about yourself before you start to let them get to know you a bit and the sort of things you’d like to receive in your box. They do the same back to you, and then you tailor make a box of all their favourite things and post it off to them.

I’ve really loved doing these the last few years and this year have already signed up to it again. The idea then struck me whilst I was wondering what to give away as a thank you prize to one of my lovely followers, why not give them exactly what they want?!

So many giveaways are geared towards a specific group of people, and that’s great, but I don’t want this giveaway to just be for people that sit in one specific niche (mainly as I don’t think myself or the blog sit in any sort of niche either!). So if you WIN, you will get a lovely little email popping into your inbox from me, asking a few fun questions that are designed so I can get to know the sort of things you would really love to receive in your box.

To give you some ideas…I previously had two recipients of boxes, one last winter and one this spring. Sara was a married teacher who loves her cats, biscuits, snuggling in front of the fire, old children’s books, hot chocolate, baking and the seaside. So I sent her this:


Conversely in my next box, Amie was a punk rock crafter who loves photography, cross stitching, reading different zines, having bright red hair, and tea. So this is what she got:


In return, I’ve had some amazing gifts back, but this requires nothing on your part, other than to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!

If you win, I will send you a beautifully wrapped box filled to the brim with all the things you tell me you love, just in time for Christmas! If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could even nominate someone else to receive the box, as long as you tell me a bit about what they’d love instead!

The giveaway runs until Midnight on 30 November, so you’ve got a while to submit your entries. So onto the main reason for this – to every single person that is currently reading, has read, or may be reading my blog in the future, thank you!

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