• An Ode to Christmas Pizza!

    Wooden Window Sills An Ode To Christmas Pizza Express 4

    When faced with a difficult decision, you need a friend who will support you 100%, especially, as it turned out… when it comes to deciding which Christmas pizza to order… I fully well realise I haven’t blogged in nearly a month. I didn’t mentioned it because, quite honestly, I didn’t plan it! Instead, since mid […]

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  • Recipe || Black Pudding for Breakfast

    Wooden Window Sills Recipe Black Pudding For Breakfast Clonakilty 1

    Black Pudding is delicious. I never expected to like it (seeing as it took a good 22 years to even be brave enough to try it), but boy do I! Therefore, seeing as today is National Black Pudding Day and being sent a lovely sample of Clonakilty’s finest Black Pudding, I planned a special recipe feature […]