The Bake Off Bake Along 2017 – Highlights

Another Great British Bake Off series is now over, and what a year the Bake Off Bake Along 2917 has been! The first year on Channel 4, which in itself was contentious and eagerly anticipated.

Did I think it was different? Yes.

However, did it stop me looking forward to every Tuesday night episode? No.

I missed Mary, Mel and Sue, the format in previous years was fantastic, they’d really found their stride and it had become a national institution. However, I have profound love of Noel from the Mighty Boosh and Sandi from the days of falling asleep listening to her reading me Jacqueline Wilson books.

Then since my friend, and fellow #bakeoffbakealong baker Hannah completed a year at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, I was also interested to see what Prue had to say about each week.

So that’s where I’ll start with today’s post, a cheeky reminder of each week’s bakes from 2017.

Week One – Cake – Pineapple Illusion Cake

As a cake for my best friends birthday, this one took a reasonably long time to bake and decorate, but was probably my favourite bake of the season! My favourite flavours, and one which came out looking almost exactly as I expected.

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake

Week Two – Biscuits – Fortune Cookies

Here was a surprise week for baking! One thing I love about the Bake Along is the fact that I get to try so many different types of baking, making things I’ve never even considered turning my hand to, and in this case, having no clue how they’re even tackled. They were fun, unusual, and far tastier than the shop bought versions!

Bake Off Bake Along Biscuit Week Fortune Cookies 1

Week Three – Bread – Teacakes

Without much time to spare, this week was improvised with the need to feed four hungry ladies an afternoon snack. Can I just acknowledge how simple and delicious these were? Plus, cinnamon butter is now a big thing in my life and must be utilised as much as possible!

Bake Off Bake Along Week three bread - teacakes 6

Week Four – Caramel – Salted Caramel Apple Cake

I think one of the tricks with enjoying the Bake along is to make as many bakes as applicable to real life as possible. Therefore if you have something to bake for, and a reason to make it as special as possible, it’s such an incentive! This cake was made for my Babcias 80th birthday and what a simple yet tasty cake to serve!

Bake Off Bake Along Caramel Week Apple Cake 1

Week Five – Pudding – Chocolate Fondants

Yet again, these chocolate fondants were made specially for friends coming to dinner, which allowed for a nice treat for all of us. Caramel is one of my favourite things to make so although I perhaps over baked them slightly, they were still hot and gooey.

The Bake Off Bake Along Pudding Week Chocolate Fondants 6

Week Six – Pastry – Pasteis de Nata

I was probably most excited to try baking these custard tarts, as I have sampled many, having a good friend who loves them! Though they seemed particularly difficult, I really enjoyed this Bake and it turned out satisfyingly well.

Bake Off Bake Along Pastry Week Pasteis de natas 1

Week Seven – Italian – Cannoli

Every year on the Bake along, there has to be at least one week that verges on disaster, and cannoli was mine this year. I will stand by blaming the lack of appropriate equipment, and being busy enough that we attempted it too late. They’re just not something I’ll be adding to my repertoire.

Bake Off Bake Along Italian Week Cannoli 3

Week Eight – Forgotten Bakes – Savoy Cake

I enjoy how this bake came out, despite the sugar coating cooking a little too much. It was tasty, but if I’m honest a little boring. Maybe that’s why these forgotten bakes have remained exactly that, forgotten.

Wooden Window Sills Bake Off Bake Along Forgotten Bakes Savoy Cake 1

Week Nine – Patisserie – Les Miserables

As I think I said in the post, patisserie usually seems to be a faff. Fiddly, technically difficulty and often not that impressive taste wise. However, these Les Miserables, though seemingly difficult, were both easier than I expected, and tasted fantastic! They certainly went down well at our bake sale.

Wooden Window Sills Bake Off Bake Along Patisserie Week Les Miserables 5

Week Ten – The Final – Mocha Entrement

This Bake was going so well, I was so happy with how it looked. That is, until I dropped it!! Still, you were all very kind and I somehow managed to cover it up! This was probably the tastiest bake, with so many intricate layers, it also look me the longest time to make. What a reward to reap ehh?

The Bake Off Bake Along 2017 - The Final - Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut Entrement 3

So there you have it, a full list of highlights from the last ten weeks baking. I really do love taking part every year and seeing what the others taking part have made. Special thanks goes to Amanda who organised the link up every week, though I’ll also take the opportunity to shout out the baking babes Cate and Hannah, who I have had the pleasure of baking along with every week too.

Cue awkward AF photo of me checking the camera settings for the final shot of the final bake…

The Bake Off Bake Along 2017 - The Final - Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut Entrement 9

The main question left to ask is, will you be seeing me taking part in the Baek Along 2018, or even potentially on next years show? Well, that, is yet to be determined…