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Firstly, let’s not talk about the show this week. I mean, really?!?!

As this series of Bake Off first aired, I had sighed a little relief, as it seemed the format and challenges, whilst not as they once were, were at least passable.

However, throughout each week, the contestants do seem to struggle with even the most minor tasks, and the challenges themselves have been obscure and disappointing, without much opportunity for artistic flare.

I mean, this is the first year ever I haven’t sat ogling at every showstopper wishing I had the skill and time to try and replicate it. There have certainly been some odd themes. Though saying that, although I’d never heard of any of them, I fancied having a go at all the bakes. I love a pasty, which admit it, that’s all a Bedfordshire Clanger really is…in days of olde, pasties also had a sweet and savoury side!

Then there was a take on a mincemeat tart – the Cumberland Rum Nicky. That too sounded pretty tasty, but unfortunately I smuggled the last of our rum in my hip flask into a family party last weekend. Then the showstopper, the Savoy Cake.

Wooden Window Sills Bake Off Bake Along Forgotten Bakes Savoy Cake 4

Never heard of it.

I mean, have you?

I liked that it was elaborately shaped and had the opportunity for some decoration, but realistically it was a bit bare. Though I’ve never made a sugar glaze on the inside of my cakes before, and perhaps you can tell.

This bake was great because a) I already had a bundt tin in a funky shape, b) could fancy it up and bake some macarons and c) at last, it was actually another cake!

Though saying that, I cheated a little as my mum is not a fan of ye olde fatless sponge, so instead I made her a Savoy cake with a twist – in the form of an almond madeira with cherry macarons. Sort of a savoy cake style cherry bakewell if you will…

Wooden Window Sills Bake Off Bake Along Forgotten Bakes Savoy Cake 2

The actual cake was simple enough to make, so I went for a fun secretly marbled centre and decorated with pink cherry filled macarons. No, before you ask, I honestly hadn’t give it a thought that that’s what Stacey did, and now I wish I’d chosen differently I think…

Wooden Window Sills Bake Off Bake Along Forgotten Bakes Savoy Cake 5

I roughly followed this recipe for the cake, using the Savoy method of brushing the inside with butter and then sugar. Perhaps a Madeira takes longer to bake than a Savoy cake usually does, because mine certainly came out a little browner around the edges than I was hoping, but had I taken it out any earlier and it would have been under baked.

Even so, whilst in the photos it does look a tad *ahem* burnt, I can attest that it was in fact not, just slightly, caramelised, on the outside shall we say?

Wooden Window Sills Bake Off Bake Along Forgotten Bakes Savoy Cake 6

A simple almondy buttery sponge, with decorative icing and little pink macarons (that would definitely been better if it hadn’t been for the fake promises of my so called “non-stick” macaron tin. Not the most inventive cake ever, but hey, my take on a Savoy cake went down a treat at work and seemed to be a success!

  • Yeah lets not talk about last weeks show! This looks so good though – love the little marble inside! x

    • Thanks! I thought a savoy cake seemed a bit boring, so wanted to jazz it up a bit! 😉 xxx

  • I’m still so upset and angry at last weeks show. I have to agree with you about the challenges and everything, it has been a bit lackluster and the contestants haven’t been as wowing this year as they have previously. There’s only been a real handful of good ones!

    Love the marble effect inside! So pretty and that swirly tin is just dreamy too. x

    • Totally agree, I love the usual bake off for the crazy inconceivable bakes that make you shocked at how brilliant they are (like the lion bread!), but this year they all seem to be small, boring but stupidly fiddly bakes rather than anything extravagant! xxx

  • I’d weirdly had savoy cake before this week’s episode and your cake looks miles tastier! x

    • Really – where did you have it before? I don’t mind a fatless sponge in a roulade or swiss roll, but as mum requested an almond madiera, that’s what she got! I think maybe a proper Savoy cake would have baked faster, which would then have meant my sugar wouldn’t have got so brown. Either that or my temp was a bit too high perhaps! xxx

      • Weirdly, I’d had it at a party at a home in Zurich – they had bought it at a bakery. It tasted nice but I could always do with a bit of drizzle or frosting. x

        • What a strange turn of events, but I totally agree, it’s quite a boring cake really. At least Madeira kinda holds its own, but it would still have been nice with some fancy decoration! xxx

  • This looks so beautiful! I’m really craving cake now…

    • Thanks Laura – definitely an excuse to go and find some! 😉 xxx

  • I have to agree, the challenges this year have been somewhat questionable. Hopefully as we now reach the final it will be more impressive!

    The marble inside the cake looks so funky! Plus cherry macarons YUM xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • I hope so too! I’m looking forward to Patisserie tonight, we’ll see what that holds, and then I’m intrigued by what they’ll put on for the finale! xxx

      • What are your thoughts now we have the finalists?!! xx

        • Well well well…I’m still sad that other people had to leave on earlier weeks, but I didn’t necessarily think Stacey deserved a place in the final (though perhaps neither does Kate really). Stephen and Sophie have consistently been really quite good bakers so that’s deserved! Your thoughts? xxx

          • No, I’m surprised Kate has made it – she has got through by the skin of her teeth really! Glad Sophie and Steven are in the final, they wholeheartedly deserve it xx

  • AboutKari (Karolina)

    This looks so good! My mouth is watering! I love how it looks funky on the outside and has a lovely marble surprise on the inside. I also think that the ‘caramelized’ top gives it more dimension. I actually ate like an hour ago but because of this post I have to go and bake myself a cake. Probably a carrot cake because that’s one of the kinds that I never screw up :)

    • Carrot cake is an absolute winner, I love it!! Thanks for your lovely words, I’m pleased that the marble didn’t bleed through and it stayed a surprise! xxx