• An Ode to the Outdoors


    The outdoors, quite literally what lies in front of us out-of-doors and in the open air. Sometimes I think we miss the beauty in getting outdoors over the colder months. Winter doesn’t always lend itself to walking through rain, wrapping up against cold wind or watching your step on patches of ice. If anything, other […]

  • Canonteign Falls


    An afternoon amongst the trees. Deliciously sweet ice cream to spur us on. Steep hills dappled in sunlight. Climbing and climbing, 90 Victorian steps rising higher. Ferns and moss carpeting the damp ground. Barely a single person on the path. Laughing our way to the top. What a view. A buzzards view to behold. Canonteign […]

  • Lovely Things || August

    Lovely Things August Cover

    August has been a weird one. There have been some really utterly crap times, as you probably guessed from this post, but also some really exciting and wonderful things too. What a summer rollercoaster ehh?! Whilst I had a few weeks where every seemed to fall apart one after another, going through this list picking […]

  • The Perfect Staycation

    The Perfect Staycation 2

    The word “staycation” is a bit weird really. Sounds too American for my liking, but it does nicely sum up “a holiday at home”. Home being the UK. A mini-break within driving distance that doesn’t include flights or crossing any large bodies of water. Ohh you get what I mean right?! It’s hump day (well, […]

  • Summer Air & Salty Hair

    Summer Air and Salty Hair 1

    It’s a rare, exciting time when summer provides a full weekend of sunshine to enjoy. The seagulls were circling ahead in the warm air, calling us to the beach, so to the beach we went. Firstly, across the border and a Cornish blogger BBQ where we dodged the showers and enjoyed the thankfully cloudless evening sky […]