To be by the sea

To be by the sea 2

One of the things I love telling people about Adam is about his job as a professional pirate.

Yep, I’ll just put that one out there and give you a chance to think about it…

In reality, although he does have to pretend to be a pirate on occasions, he is official title is in reality an engineer on a boat which acts as a training platform for the Navy and MOD. They do all sorts of various drills, but some of which are specific piracy training (and yes, involving the crew all being pirates).

I’m surrounded by people who love the sea. Maybe that’s part of living in the south west and surrounded by some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Though saying that, although my Dad spent a huge amount of his childhood and teenage years sailing, I’d actually only sailed a handful of times before I met Adam.

I’m not going to lie, one of the things that really attracted me to his dating profile was that fact that he volunteers for a children’s sailing charity. I’m also fully resigned to the fact his other love of his life is very much a curvy and high maintenance beauty.

Mvu (in South African, this means Hippo apparently), his Hurley 22, is a wonderful little white and blue yacht. Though requiring far more time off the water maintaining her than hours spent sailing her on the sea, he does love her. (Though someone did describe yacht ownership once to me akin to standing in the shower ripping up money, and they weren’t far wrong!).

To be by the sea

I spent a wonderful few years living very close to the sea in Falmouth, and in that time tried to spend as much time in and around the water as possible. Gig rowing, wild swimming, SUP, kayaking and some rather failed attempts at surfing to name a few…

However, since having access to a boat, a proper sail powered boat, it’s brought a whole new meaning to spending time by the sea. I’m still no expert, in fact, I’d feel pretty useless even in comparison to most of the kids Adam coaches, but I really enjoy it and I’m keen to learn more.

We even had the opportunity whilst in Turkey to hire yachts for some bearboating whilst Adam was working on flotillas, though drifting around in blissful sunshine and skinny dipping in the warm bathwater-like sea out there was not quite like it is here! I’ve teamed up with Elma Humphries to talk about what makes the sea so special to me, as I loved those holidays, and hope we can have somrewarding few weeks on the high seas again. Perhaps drifting around the Med, island hopping from place to place, or seeing more of the Caribbean? I would love to see the Fjords, Iceland and the Arctic too, can you imagine that from the vantage point on a ship?

Whether you’ve spent time just paddling, walking along cliff tops, or sailing the world on a luxury cruise, I’m a great believer that salt water is a cure for many ails and in moments of celebration or sadness, as a family we’ve always headed to the nearest beach.

The sea, to me, has been the focal point of many of my favourite memories, and long may that remain.

To be by the sea 3

***This post was a collaboration, but as ever, all content and opinions are my own***

  • Laura Torninoja

    I can definitely relate to this post! I’m originally from Finland and I grew up in Helsinki which is surrounded by sea in most sides. I’ve now lived in London for 4 years and the thing I probably miss the most is the sea… There is something so calming about being close to it, and I sometimes just love to sit in a rock for a few minutes and look at the sea – it’s the best thing! :) x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • I can 100% agree. I’ve never lived hugely far from the sea, and one of the main draws for university in Cornwall was being close to the sea and every time I go back I breathe a deep sigh of contentment! xxx

  • Aw, such a lovely little story here…. you had me giggling about the pirate piece :))
    And omg, that picture on the beach…..
    xx finja |

    • He genuinely is a professional pirate! 😉 All these photos were taken from various places around the world but the one with my mum and doggy on the beach was the most recent, taken in Cornwall last month! Have you been before? xxx

  • Aw this makes me so sad as I reeeeeally miss living by the sea! I grew up in Wellington which is on the tip of the North Island in New Zealand and I could see the harbour every day from my bedroom. There’s just something about it which is so calming!

    • Oh wow I bet that was stunning!! I’d love to have a sea view again but it comes at an expense! We’ll be reasonably close in our new house, but it would be so great to open the windows and hear the waves! When did you move from NZ? Xxx

  • My sister and I have discussed this – we have both said that we think that everyone should (if they can) live by water. I went without it for years and I rejoice in living by water again – even if it is a Great Lake and not the sea!

    • The lakes in Canada literally look like the sea though they’re so huge right?! and you can swim in them…etc? xxx

      • Yeah definitely but they aren’t as clean as the sea so you have to be careful, you can’t swim after it has rained because of the risk of E. coli. I miss the sea. I have only seen it once since I came to Canada and that was in Spain last year.

        • Oh that’s a shame I had no idea! How come it becomes an E Coli risk? I think I’d miss the waves a lot, and how fresh the sea always feels! xxx

          • I think because contaminants (read poop etc) gets washed into the lake?

            • Oooh nice…!!! That’s not the one, and would make me nervous to swim in it even if it hadn’t rained! I know that a lot of sewage goes into the sea, but somehow it always seems to fresh and clean? xxx

              • Yes I agree I think because of the salt and because it is moving, rather than a lake which just sort of stagnates.

  • Aw this was such a lovely post. I used to go on family holidays to Cornwall all the time when I was younger, there’s nothing I love quite like the sea! I live in Manchester now and seeing these photos makes me question the city a bit hahah. I know what you mean about the Arctic though, that’s the one ‘cruise’ I could do!

    • Have you ever lived quite close to the sea? I love visiting cities, but ultimately I really like the countryside and the seaside especially! I reckon if you went to the arctic, a cruise would probably be the best way to see it all! xxx

  • I only lived by the sea whilst in St Andrews and it was amazing! The Brit and I would love to go back to live near the sea – it’s so great to be able to go by the beach literally every single day!

    • Ahhhh just being near the sea occasionally is worth it, I love the ebb and flow of the waves and the salty air!! xxx