Lovely Things || March 2017

March was possibly the busiest so far this year! Hence the reason why this is going up 3 days late, but I find the weekends are far better spent doing fun things and trying to be outdoors as much as possible rather than chained to screens. One lovely thing about March has been seeing loads of friends for dinners, coffee and even a trip to the gym for a catch up. A month spent madly dashing around is one well spent when it’s catching up with friends, though I did have to slow down and have a few evenings in- getting home after 10.30pm for 2 weeks in a row was a bit much…!!


Lovely Things March 013

Stay in a Log Cabin

For our 4 year anniversary right at the end of Feb, Adam surprised me with a stay in a lovely log cabin on the border of Devon and Cornwall. Two nights escape, the location was glorious and although the weather was a bit crap, it didn’t matter as we enjoyed our Tintagel trip in the crazy wind and rain and spent a lot of the weekend just enjoying each other’s company, lounging around watching telly (something we rarely do!) and cooking som delicious food (something we do pretty frequently…).

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Mum and Dad had always said the next dog would be a smaller one, but when mum found a deerhound that needed rehoming, we couldn’t resist. That’s how we ended up welcoming Stirling into our lives during March. He’s 15 months old, very good natured and absolutely beautiful- if enormous – in lovely shades of the usual deery grey with flecks of brindle and ginger.

Lovely Things March 006

A Professional Makeover

Since I planted the idea of allowing Adam’s 12 year old brother, Dan, to do my makeup, he had been fixated on how funny it would be, and at the beginning of March we finally got around to it. Choosing all of the makeup himself and after slathering me in so much foundation I could barely move, the rest of the makeover was actually pretty impressive. Ultimately, who cares, it was really fun and made us both laugh a LOT.

Lovely Things March 007

Beauty & The Beast

Please tell me you’ve seen this film since it came out in March? I’m not going to lie, as a child I wasn’t really ever exposed to that many Disney princess movies, as Mum fathered us to watch the animal based ones like 101 dalmations, Dumbo and Robin Hood, or the ones with kick ass female leads like Mulan. However, I was eagerly awaiting Beauty and the Beast since seeing all the reviews and it certainly didn’t disappoint! What did you think of it?

Lovely Things March 008

Pizza Express Press Evening

This is a funny one. To celebrate the international day of happiness in March, Pizza Express were running a campaign to give free dough balls to members of the public and needed some promo shots to go with the feature in a few different newspapers. For some reason, entirely un-blog related, they got in touch and Adam and I headed to our local restaurant for a cheesy photoshoot with the worlds most number of doughballs, followed by a tasty meal to say thanks. It was cringe as the restaurant was pretty full, but we both enjoyed it and ended up going out out to the pub with some friends afterwards for the first time in ages!


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Lovely Things March 015


Tamar Trails

You might have seen my post on this, but our adventures at Tamar Trails deserve another mention as we had so much fun! Check out all about it here

Devon Days Out - Tamar Trails 5


A Blogiversary & Giveaway Competiton

Its not too late to enter my competition to win a homemade cake of your choice sent directly to your door! I thought as the competition went so well last year, and cakes are sort of my signature, I’d run it again, so it’s open to everyone and anyone in the U.K. until my birthday (11th April…hint hint!)

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Living Sustainably

I’ve had some great conversations at work recently about the importance of sustainability in every day life, the things we buy, and how we live. Luckily, the costs of renewable energy are continuously dropping, and there are so many opportunities to make conscious choices to buy from green companies. Even when you’re buying cheese!

Wyke Farms, a local company, supply their delicious cheese all over the country, and are currently also running a competition to win free renewable electricity for life, with details on promo packs of their cheese until July! I said I’d give them a shout out (this isn’t sponsored, I might add) as I think every bit of renewables does the world some good and who wouldn’t want to win free electricity for the rest of their life?!

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Mother’s Day

I love any excuse to celebrate my darling Mumma, and this Mothers Day was really great, with both brothers home and a fun trip to see my Babcia and Grandad. Spending quality time with family is just the best, right?!

Lovely Things March 012


Half Marathon Update

A lot of March has been spent running. Tonnes of hours spent plodding my wobbly bum along roads and paths and fields. I thought I’d enjoy it, but actually the pressure that comes with running 13.1 miles when you’ve never really run before is actually pretty daunting and I’ll be honest, it’s been really tough! With just 3 weeks now until D-Day on the 23rd, I’ve got a lot more miles to go training up until then but I cannot wait to get it done! If you’ve followed along and want to donate, my fundraising page is here and I’m supporting Macmillan, a charity that’s helped me a lot in the past.

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So there you have it, all the things I’ve been up to in March! It’s been a great month, a busy month, and I feel like maybe April will be a welcome relief. I’ve also tried not to talk about it too much as well, in case it jinxes it, but finally…we should be moving into our new house over the next month, and I’m SO excited!  I’ll keep you posted…