Lovely Things || February 2017

Hello petals!

Welcome to March and *finally* the hope that comes with spring like days and longer light in the evenings. Thank goodness! 

It feels as though 2017 so far hasn’t really been on our side, in February we’ve had a lot of sadness and some pretty serious illnesses in Adam’s family, and everything has felt just a bit out of sorts. However, having the chance to look back over the last month is a great way to cheer yourself up and realise all the lovely things to be thankful for! 

Lark’s first holiday

We were due to head down to Cornwall just for the day to see Neddy, but Dad was skiing and I wasn’t happy that mum would be on her own to look after the dog, so Adam had the genius idea of booking a little break away for the weekend all together (including Lark!) Having two deerhounds meant she’d never really been on a proper holiday – she’s never even been to the beach! So we packed up the car and headed off to Gunwalloe for a weekend by the sea!

Lovely Things February 2017 6

Lovely Things February 2017 8

Ned’s Birthday

You know how months of the year always seem to be determined by birthdays? Well February is my youngest brother Ned’s. As we’d all headed to Cornwall to visit him, we had a lovely day celebrating at Potager Glasshouse & Cafe (the ultimate Cornish cafe dream!) with some incredible fritatta, tea and cake – and a casual game of Bolivian dice!

Lovely Things February 2017 9


Palentines Day

When my good friends Kate and Will (aka “The Royals”) suggested dinner one Tuesday in February, we couldn’t work out why everywhere was fully booked. Duhhhhhh Valentines! Instead we had a kitchen supper at home and I made stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with roasted peppers and mozzarella, with rosemary roasted new potatoes and lots of green veg. They brought the pud – this amazing white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. Oh my!! Not your usual February evening supping prosecco and eating like kings!

Lovely Things February 2017 5

Training training training

The half marathon is getting closer and closer *shit* so I’ve spent a lot of my spare time in February running. I’m not sure how I feel abotu it. Mentally I don’t think I’m prepared. Probably not physcially either, I’m only up to about 6 miles at the moment and that’s less than half of what I’m supposed to do! Eeeeeek wish me luck!

Lovely Things February 2017 7

Dinners with friends

As well as my Palentine’s meal, I’ve also managed to squeeze in two other meals out with friends during February. A lovely Friday night with a very pregnant Sophy and Adam (or, just a pregnant Sophy and her husband Adam too, they aren’t BOTH very pregnant!). Plus, as there’s a new Spoons in our local town, after our fitness class one Wednesday, my coilleagues Kirsty, Nicole and I went for a cheeky slap up meal. Ironic huh?! I also had the delight this week of Sally passing by on her way from Cornwall to Birmingham so she stopped by and played some Badminton and we went out for steak! Overall, lots of tasty February food!

Lovely Things February 2017 4

Promotion at Work

Well, sort of! I’ve been in my role for nearly three years, and FINALLY managed to drop the “graduate” from my title. We had our annual reviews this month, and mine actually went really well so I’m chuffed.

Lovely Things February 2017 10

Spring Cleaning

Last weekend Adam had to work, so I decided it was high time I stayed at home and did a deep spring clean! I’ve lived at my parents during the week now since June 2014, and I’ve never really sorted through all my possessions. The piles of stuff was accumulating and it was getting me down. So I hit it hard for two days, clearing through everything I own, trying to be brutal and minimal and cut out the useless crap I’ve been hoarding for years. Yes, it took me a total of about 20 hours, but boy was it satisfying, and look at some of the photographic gems I found…

Lovely Things February 2017 3

4th Anniversary with Mr Husband

The end of February is always an exciting time for me. Well, it has been for the last 4 years at least! This year marks 1461 days with Adam and what better way to celebrate the 28th February than eating loads of pancakes! As it was a Tuesday this year, we weren’t actually together, but we both have tomorrow off and Adam has booked us an exciting surprise long weekend! If you haven’t yet read our funny first date story – find it here.

Lovely Things February 2017 2


February’s a funny one as it flies by so quickly, despite only being 3 days shorter than most months. I’ve had the highest page views my little old blog has ever seen, and my post about finding your own career path has sparked so many wonderful comments and private messages, so thank you for sticking around and reading, you guys mean a lot to me!