Book Review || The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin

The Forgetting Time was the latest book for our bloggers book club. It’s Sharon Guskin’s debut novel  didn’t have any expectations of this book as i knew nothing of it (sometimes that’s the best way!). Yes, I really like the cover, and the blurb was really intriguing.

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I really enjoy mystery in a novel, and as it turns out, especially one which involves reincarnation. The story follows four year old Noah Zimmerman through the confusing and difficult path to piece together clues from flash backs about his previous life . It is a fantastic representation of memory, belief, motherhood and death. The bringing together of two families, with the help of a doctor of psychology fighting his own battles, the plot is gripping and fast paced. I’m not surprised it’s been nominated for and won countless awards.

As I’m always forever late to the party when it comes to finishing book club books, I had to somewhat rush through this one to finish it in time – two nights and two lunch breaks saw it read from cover to cover, but not that it bothered me, it turned out to be quite the page turner! Mum borrowed it after I’d finished, which then lead to complaints of tiredness as she’d continued reading beyond sensible times to stop each night.

I especially liked the interludes of other similar stories, quoted from cases over time of reincarnation and unexplained knowledge from people’s previous lives. I’d hugely recommend reading this book if you need something with an exciting and unpredictable plot, that’s not too heartbreaking, gruesome or challenging to read.

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“But surely we all carried some little piece of each other inside of us. So what did it matter, whether the memories belonging to her boy existed inside this other one? Why were we all hoarding love, stockpiling it, when it was all around us, moving in and out of us like the air, if only we could feel it?”

Rating: 8.5/10

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