Book Review || The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin

Book Review the Forgetting Time By Sharon Guskin 1

The Forgetting Time was the latest book for our bloggers book club. It’s Sharon Guskin’s debut novel  didn’t have any expectations of this book as i knew nothing of it (sometimes that’s the best way!). Yes, I really like the cover, and the blurb was really intriguing.

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I really enjoy mystery in a novel, and as it turns out, especially one which involves reincarnation. The story follows four year old Noah Zimmerman through the confusing and difficult path to piece together clues from flash backs about his previous life . It is a fantastic representation of memory, belief, motherhood and death. The bringing together of two families, with the help of a doctor of psychology fighting his own battles, the plot is gripping and fast paced. I’m not surprised it’s been nominated for and won countless awards.

As I’m always forever late to the party when it comes to finishing book club books, I had to somewhat rush through this one to finish it in time – two nights and two lunch breaks saw it read from cover to cover, but not that it bothered me, it turned out to be quite the page turner! Mum borrowed it after I’d finished, which then lead to complaints of tiredness as she’d continued reading beyond sensible times to stop each night.

I especially liked the interludes of other similar stories, quoted from cases over time of reincarnation and unexplained knowledge from people’s previous lives. I’d hugely recommend reading this book if you need something with an exciting and unpredictable plot, that’s not too heartbreaking, gruesome or challenging to read.

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“But surely we all carried some little piece of each other inside of us. So what did it matter, whether the memories belonging to her boy existed inside this other one? Why were we all hoarding love, stockpiling it, when it was all around us, moving in and out of us like the air, if only we could feel it?”

Rating: 8.5/10

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  • Forgetting Time was the last book I read and I enjoyed it too! It made me aware of reincarnation, a topic I never really considered before and I loved that you were told the story though so many different characters! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • Me neither, it’s not something i’d ever even considered necessarily but I found it fascinating in this book and it was a fast and easy read! What are your thoughts on it in reality – do you think reincarnation is a real thing and people can remember things in their past lives? xxx

      • I have touched on it before when learning about Buddhism at school but I found the insights scattered throughout the book fascinating.

        I’m not entirely sure, I think I am sat on the fence. I don’t think it is that much of a stretch, Im not opposed like Dr Andersons colleagues. How about you? xx

        • I’m open to it being a real thing, but then I can’t quite get my head around it, a bit like a belief of what happens after you die. I like the idea that death isn’t final, but then I just don’t know? How do you feel about that? xxx

          • Im with you. I can’t quite believe that death is ‘the end’. Im not religious, but I do believe that there is something beyond our recollection! xx

            • I guess just as there are parts in our life that we can’t remember, what determines our memory and why do we remember some things but not others – there’s lots of potential unknowns about what happens before or after we’re alive! Oooooh food for thought!! xxx

  • This doesn’t look like the kind of book I’d be instantly drawn too (I’m terrible at judging books by their covers, which I need to stop!), but now having read your review I really want to read this!


    • Oooh interesting! I did think the alternative covers are actually really different for this book so I’d be intrigued as to whether you’d be more drawn to them instead? What don’t you like so much about this cover? xxx

  • I wondered if I’d put the wrong link then! Haha nope you’re just commenting on my efficiency so everyone can go and buy it for themselves right?! 😉 I really loved that quote in it too, it’s such a beautiful one! xxx

  • This sounds like it’s perfect for me, just the kind of book I’d love, thanks for the recommendation love!

    • Give it a read and let me know what you think, I’d love to see what you think! xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Thank you for sharing this lovely – I’ve become a MASSIVE book worm and am currently ordering books from Amazon 5/6 at a time haha. I have a couple more to read then I’ll be placing my next order so I’ll bookmark this! :)

    Hayley xo

    • Ahh I do that too, I love starting a new book! Though recently I’ve been trying to swap books with friends to save my mounting costs, or buying books from charity shops!! Any recommendations for good ones you’ve read recently? xxxx

  • My eyes almost watered as I read the blurb. It really does sound like such a beautiful story! It’s also been a while since I’ve actually sat down and read, which is a shame. Just out of interest, is this a based on a true story, or is it purely fiction?

    -Alicia x | Lifestyle & Advice

    • I think this one is just fiction but the stories interwoven into it are taken from scientific papers and true life stories around the world! Really good read if you managed to find time to pick up a book! :) Let me know how you get on! xxx

      • Thank you for the update! I’ll let you know if I manage to pick it up! xxx