• The Time I Shot My Boyfriend

    The time I shot my boyfriend 1

    If the fact I shot my boyfriend isn’t clickbait enough, I don’t know what is! This post was supposed to be titled something along the lines of “Men’s winter fashion picks” or “The best men’s hoody on the high street”, but nahh, I decided to go for something a little less #bloggercliche and a little […]

  • The Flat


    This weekend, after 26 months living there, we moved out of the flat. Adam’s first house purchase, our first DIY project, a home together and place to call our own. It’s been a pretty wonderful place to live. You might have seen the various posts I have written on our projects in the flat over […]

  • Lovely Things || December


    December, how quickly you crept up and disappeared in a flash! Yikes, I can’t quite believe it’s already 3 5 days (you see how long it takes me to write a post when I’m a busy bee!) into January! I had a lovely Christmas break and haven’t beaten myself up too much about scoffing too […]

  • December Garden


    The garden in December is often a bare and cold affair. Winter’s gloom stripping leaves leaving branches behind. It’s a quiet time of year, hushed as the world snoozes. The ground is hard and sparse, yet the air is crisp. The garden in December is a peaceful reminder of Winter’s glory. We are so close […]

  • An Ode to the Outdoors


    The outdoors, quite literally what lies in front of us out-of-doors and in the open air. Sometimes I think we miss the beauty in getting outdoors over the colder months. Winter doesn’t always lend itself to walking through rain, wrapping up against cold wind or watching your step on patches of ice. If anything, other […]

  • Some Blogging Observations…


    I’m currently on an absolutely packed train heading back from two days work in London. I’m actually pretty lucky that I got a seat, a tonne of people on here didn’t! Whilst I do actually enjoy getting out and about from the office and both my meeting and my presentation went really well, it inevitably […]

  • Lovely Things || November


    Well gooooooodbye November, where did you whizz by and disappear off into? The start of last month seems like a distant memory, yet I can’t quite believe how speedily November has slipped through our grasp. Funny how, just like the fuel in your petrol tank, the last quarter seems to disappear so much faster. I’ve actually enjoyed […]