• Book Review || Wild by Cheryl Strayed

    Book Review Wild by Cheryl Strayed

    Wild by Cheryl Strayed was chosen as a read from my Bloggers Book Club, organised by the lovely Jenny at Sunny Sweet Pea. It’s not a usual book I’d have picked up, favouring fiction over non-fiction. However, I have read a few autobiographies and loved them, just not usually from strangers. I find that I […]

  • The Perfect Staycation

    The Perfect Staycation 2

    The word “staycation” is a bit weird really. Sounds too American for my liking, but it does nicely sum up “a holiday at home”. Home being the UK. A mini-break within driving distance that doesn’t include flights or crossing any large bodies of water. Ohh you get what I mean right?! It’s hump day (well, […]

  • Summer Air & Salty Hair

    Summer Air and Salty Hair 1

    It’s a rare, exciting time when summer provides a full weekend of sunshine to enjoy. The seagulls were circling ahead in the warm air, calling us to the beach, so to the beach we went. Firstly, across the border and a Cornish blogger BBQ where we dodged the showers and enjoyed the thankfully cloudless evening sky […]

  • FOOD
  • The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

    The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

    Hello, remember me?! She disappears off, and she comes back with a bang and a….crisp sandwich?! Whilst you’ve been sat ferociously refreshing my homepage, I apologise for going AWOL. You see, it’s been a wee bit busy ’round these parts. I did a big presentation at an industry show last week, haven’t had one single evening […]

  • Lovely Things || June

    Lovely Things June 19

    Has anyone else noticed how many Junebugs there are? This month has been a busy one (quit with the broken record Alice, I get it…!) but especially so as there have been an overwhelming number of birthdays and celebrations. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy full weekends, busy evenings after work and a few little […]