A small reminder to check your boobs is in order today. Do you check them often? You should!     I sent this tweet out on Monday because over the last week or so I’ve been feeling increasingly more nervous about the fact my right boob was particularly sore. I don’t have any explanation for […]

  • FOOD
  • The best kind of leftovers.


    Wednesday night was one of those evenings when you open the fridge to find a lot of food and leftovers, but not necessarily anything that immediately jumps out at you to make a meal. I was hungry, rumbling tummy hungry after a pretty intense HIIT class, and only had ten minutes to whip something up before […]

  • Lovely Things || September


    September has always been a transitional month. New year at school, constantly pushing forward, moving from one stage to the next like the leaves changing from green to red. Over the years it’s had it’s ups and downs, with elation from starting new life stages, but also some pretty hard realities (although possibly the most […]

  • Bedroom Inspiration


    I don’t know if it’s the frustration of not yet really hearing anything back from the estate agents about our dream home, or just me getting ahead of myself, but I’m continuing the current interiors theme. We’ve been sketching out layout drawings and discussing uses for each room, so I’ve started thinking about other aspects of our […]