• Outdoor Living Wishlist

    Outdoor Living Wishlist

    As you may have seen, we recently finished renovating our garden! We spent hours and hours and every weekend we had spare completely transforming it into an outdoor living space we’re so proud of. However, now that we’re done and moving on to a bigger and better space, we’re going to have to start again! […]

  • FOOD
  • Turtle Bay – Exeter Press Preview

    Turtle Bay Exeter Press Preview 12

    In Exeter, it’s rare to come across a range of worldly cuisines – especially Caribbean! That’s where Turtle Bay has come in. As a big fan of Bajan food since visiting Barbados a few years ago, I jumped at the chance to spend an evening at Turtle Bay’s latest restaurant, right in the middle of Exeter […]

  • When luck turns in your favour…

    When luck turns in your favour

    After my post earlier this week, my luck seems to have turned… Funny how life’s a bit like that isn’t it? One minute you’re despairing that everything is going wrong, the next minute it all seems to be flipped upside down and improving. No, the things that were stressing me out haven’t magically disappeared. I’m […]

  • DIY || The Garden

    DIY The Garden Cover

    If you saw my post of the Lovely Things from July, you’ll know we’ve put the flat on the market! Which also means another great thing, in the fact that we spent the weekend hurriedly completing all of the little DIY projects we had left – including the garden! Seeing as the garden project started […]

  • Lovely Things || July

    Lovely Things July Cover

    July means one thing- we’re now SEVEN months down, WHAT?! SEVEN!!! This month has been a mix of very very hot days and others which are a bit “meh” weather wise. Especially now we’ve entered August – what’s with the rain folks?! Thinking back over the last 31 days is actually quite a challenge – whilst there’s […]

  • Why don’t we talk about contraception?

    why don't we talk about contraception.

    It occurred to me the other day whilst reading a random blog post how little we talk about contraception. I mean, we talk about a lot of things. To our mum, to our friends, to our colleagues. Yet, something as important in our teenage and adult lives as birth control somehow sits in the “embarrassing/personal” category. […]

  • Book Review || Wild by Cheryl Strayed

    Book Review Wild by Cheryl Strayed

    Wild by Cheryl Strayed was chosen as a read from my Bloggers Book Club, organised by the lovely Jenny at Sunny Sweet Pea. It’s not a usual book I’d have picked up, favouring fiction over non-fiction. However, I have read a few autobiographies and loved them, just not usually from strangers. I find that I […]