• Recipe || Low Fat Sugar Free Passion Cakes

    Recipe Passion Cakes 2

    Happy V-day you mega babes! I can’t say we celebrate Valentine’s particularly, as it’s our anniversary at the end of the month so it’s always seemed a little bit overshadowed. However, although some people pass it off as a commercialised day of tacky nonsense, I have no problem with people celebrating all things love and […]

  • A Lovely Stranger Project

    The Lovely Stranger Project 1

    For three years, I have taken part in The Perfect Strangers Project, which has always been organised by the magazine, Oh Comely. However, this year, after failing to launch their summer swap, and seemingly also failing to sort one before Christmas, a group of keen fans set up A Lovely Stranger Project, to ultimately replace […]

  • The Time I Shot My Boyfriend

    The time I shot my boyfriend 1

    If the fact I shot my boyfriend isn’t clickbait enough, I don’t know what is! This post was supposed to be titled something along the lines of “Men’s winter fashion picks” or “The best men’s hoody on the high street”, but nahh, I decided to go for something a little less #bloggercliche and a little […]

  • The Flat


    This weekend, after 26 months living there, we moved out of the flat. Adam’s first house purchase, our first DIY project, a home together and place to call our own. It’s been a pretty wonderful place to live. You might have seen the various posts I have written on our projects in the flat over […]