• A Little House Update

    A little house update 3

    After my teasers of the new house so far, lots of people had asked when I’d be sharing the inside, and so in amongst the brilliant chaos of visitors and trips out and about that we’ve had recently, I set about determined to take some decent photos of the internal rooms that we’re now so […]

  • Lovely Things || May 2017

    Lovely Things May 2017

    May May May, how you’ve tempted us with such bright and sunny days, followed by weekends of cloud!  Another month of many things, all the DIY, and visitors galore. There will be no complaints that I haven’t managed to get much done or see many people as we’ve been chocka block with friends coming to […]

  • Is Blog Engagement More Important Than Stats?

    Is blog engagement more important than stats

    I’ve noticed recently, there seem to be a lot of interesting articles about what it is to be a blogger, or the new form that blogging has taken in the last few years. We’re now “influencers”. The blogging world has moved from an online-diary-style chat platform, to a glossy, perfected magazine. It’s overtaking physical magazines […]

  • FOOD
  • Recipe || S’mores Brownies

    Recipe Smores Brownies

    Having won my recent competition, Hannah got the choice of any cake, biscuit, tart, pie, bread or other baked item that she fancied. I’d asked what her favourite flavours were, and got her to choose something a little less than ordinary. What she came up with? A great idea for s’mores brownies! I love a […]

  • Lovely Things || April 2017

    Lovely Things April 2017

    April, my favourite and most anticipated month all year! Yes, the spring flowers are blooming, lambs are bleeting and the sun starts to shine a little bit longer and warmer, but most importantly, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! I’m an Aries, so naturally, the whole month has to be about ME! (I’m only a little bit joking […]