• Bake Off Bake Along 2016 – Batter Week


    Let’s get BATTERED! Quote of the week right there from Candice! I was excited to see this week come up, especially as batter is a Bake Off first! Whilst everyone else looked rather tentative at the idea, I have always enjoyed whizzing up pancakes and my common problem I’ve had with Yorkshires is that they rise […]

  • Canonteign Falls


    An afternoon amongst the trees. Deliciously sweet ice cream to spur us on. Steep hills dappled in sunlight. Climbing and climbing, 90 Victorian steps rising higher. Ferns and moss carpeting the damp ground. Barely a single person on the path. Laughing our way to the top. What a view. A buzzards view to behold. Canonteign […]

  • Lovely Things || August

    Lovely Things August Cover

    August has been a weird one. There have been some really utterly crap times, as you probably guessed from this post, but also some really exciting and wonderful things too. What a summer rollercoaster ehh?! Whilst I had a few weeks where every seemed to fall apart one after another, going through this list picking […]

  • Outdoor Living Wishlist

    Outdoor Living Wishlist

    As you may have seen, we recently finished renovating our garden! We spent hours and hours and every weekend we had spare completely transforming it into an outdoor living space we’re so proud of. However, now that we’re done and moving on to a bigger and better space, we’re going to have to start again! […]