The Bake Off Bake Along || Week 1 – Pineapple Illusion Cake

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake


Today, I’m very pleased to announce, the Bake Off Bake Along is BACK!

I know it’s a controversial year, what with the channel 4 transfer and the lack of Mary, Mel and Sue, but ultimeately I willadmit, I still love the baking, and Bake Off is worth watching, even with adverts…

Did you catch episode one on Tuesday?

I’m chuffed it’s changed days actually, as now on a Wednesday night after my HIIT class, instead of racing home to watch as I used to, I’ll now be racing down to Cornwall to work from home on a Thursday and Friday – yipee!!

So far I think Stephen is fantastic (that sandwich!!), Flo is also a dark horse and looks like she could be a very good baker, and whilst Yan’s illusion cake was pretty special, she irritates me quite a bit (sorry Yan!). Ultimately, the bakers actually seems to have quite a lot of skill for week one, and if Noel and Sandi relax a bit and don’t force the euphemisms, it could actually be quite a good series!

Anyway – onto this weeks Bake Along….I’ve chosen to combine two of the challenges in a fruity cake AND an illusion cake!

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 2

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 3

Luckily for me, it coincided very very nicely with my best friend’s birthday, and as she had given me strict instructions for what she wanted, the bake was perfect for the bake along! 3D Pineapple cake, tick! Not pineapple flavour, tick! Incorporate some sort of passion fruit and white chocolate, TICK!

I present to you, week one’s cake…a pineapple illusion cake made with lemon drizzle sponges, filled with passion fruit curd and decorated with passion fruit buttercream and white chocolate leaves.

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 4

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 6

Things to note:

  • I actually made the equivalent of 3x normal lemon drizzles, giving me 6 layers of sponge
  • I used kebab sticks to hold the layers together once they were sandwiched with the passion fruit curd whilst I trimmed it into shape.
  • Keep the crumbs, and mix with some of the green dyed buttercream to make cake pop type mixture to push your white chocolate spikes into.
  • With the white chocolate, mix your green gel food colouring in little by little – plus if I did it again I’d make them a little thicker as lots of mine snapped
  • To get the green and yellow spikes, I put a small amount of the green buttercream into the piping bag first, squished it around a bit, and then opened it out so just the outside had green, then filled the centre with yellow. Next time, perhaps need to learn to be more consistent with the quantities as some bits were greener than others.

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 5

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 9

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 8


Overall, I am so proud of how this cake came out, the sponges were zesty and moist with lemon drizzle, the passion fruit curd was sweet and sharp and the buttercream had loads of flavour. I thought the spikey leaves also worked better than I expected, even if I definitely should have used an oil based gel but pineapple leaves look a bit dusty anyway hey?!

For week one, it happened to work out brilliantly in terms of the commissioned bake I already had planned, even though all three challenges were fun – I had great plans of making a delicious apple cake of some variety with our apple tree’s apples from the fruity cake in round one. Mini rolls are delicious (even if they throw a wild card in from peppermint flavoured creme!) but this week, an illusion cake was on the cards. It may not be 100% an illusion (I might have had to tone down the colour of the buttercream first!) but I think most people would be able to tell exactly what it was I’d intended to bake, and for that reason alone, I’m very pleased!

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 9

If you’d like to join in the #BakeOffBakeAlong, upload your post each week to Amanda’s blog Rhyme and Ribbons, or use the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so we can all see what you’ve created!

All I can say now is…bring on week two’s biscuits…!!

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 7

The Bake Off Bake Along Week One - Pineapple Illusion Cake 10


  • I’m super, super impressed! Looks incredible! My commuting is kicking into high gear again so I am going extremely simple for these challenges, if indeed I manage them at all. You’re rocking it xxx

    • Even your extremely simple will be incredible, you’re such a talented baker and i’m looking forward to seeing whatever you manage to create! Do you think you’ll manage to rustle something up for biscuit week? xxx

      • I hope so, although it slightly depends what the challenges will be! I have a little time over the weekend, but I won’t be home in daylight during the week now, so weekday baking is out xxx

  • It looks so gorgeous, Alice! xx

    • From the snippets, what do you think biscuit week challenges will be? xxx

      • I can’t remember what the first two were but it definitely looked like some sort of gingerbread building challenge for the showstopper. What do you think? x

        • I think it looked like some sort of whoopie pie or macarons, fortune cookies and then board games made of biscuits…interesting! If it is fortune cookies I’m intrigued how they’re made! Xxx

          • Oh yes – I had forgotten about the hit of the all-seeing biscuit (or whatever the hint was). Definitely fortune cookies! (And I’m one of the only people i know that finds fortune cookies deliciously tasty!) x

  • Cate in the Kitchen

    You are a star. If this is what you’re starting on I can’t wait to see your finale.

    • Haha not every week will be this impressive I am sure, but it coincided very nicely with the special cake I’d planned for my friend, so I was really pleased with the outcome! xxx

  • Omg it looks sooo good!! I love the shards on the top! x

    • Thank you! I really wasn’t sure they’d work (I even bought spare icing after convincing myself it really wasn’t going to!) But hey they did! They were pretty brittle and quite a few snapped on the car journey but overall I think the effect was still there! Xxx

  • This looks incredible! You went all out for week one and it’s so impressive! x

    • Thanks, it coincided very nicely! Week one was pretty intense, I don’t think every week will be he same, but I’m looking forward to baking some interesting new things over the next few weeks! Might you join in too? Xxx

  • This look and sounds amazing! I’m not doing the bake along this year, but I’ll be looking at everyone’s bakes in admiration i’m sure.
    I actually really really enjoyed GBBO this week, I’m so pleased it’s back and I’m happy with all the new people so far. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the series goes.
    Laura x

    • Ahhh no, can you be persuaded just to join in a few cheeky bakes throughout the weeks? Did you enjoy last night’s biscuits? xxx

      • I’m away for a couple of weeks and also training for a half marathon, so it sort of feels like I should pick my battles! But maybe I’ll do the odd post when something takes my fancy. I loved the biscuit episode, some of them had some great ideas, although none of the games really turned out that well. And the fortune cookies were so funny, I would not have known what to do with them at all!

  • how in sweet (literally!) heavens did I not know about the bake off bake along?! say whaaaaaaaa?! it’s like my two favourite things rolled into one…!!

    i was apprehensive about the new season of gbbo truth be told, but i absolutely LOVED it and could barely tell the difference, just hate the ads haha!

    you are quite simply a pineapple cake queen!! this is GORGEOUS. please come and bake it for me?! will pay!!

    katie. xx

    • Haha thanks Katie! I genuinely would, I love baking and this one definitely turned out better than I expected! 😉 I totally agree about the ads though, even if everything else is still really enjoyable. Would you consider joining in the bake along? xxx

  • That is like crazy clever, I want to try it!

  • This is amazing, what a brilliant friend you are! There is no way I could pull something like this off. Also, I’m pretty happy it’s on C4 now as I can watch online without worrying about the TV License police coming knocking!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • That’s so true actually, i hadn’t thought about that for people without a TV license (which Adam and I don’t either, but I’ve always watched Bake Off at my parents! xxx

  • Wow, incredible! Are you sure you aren’t secretly already a contestant on the show? 😉

    • Hahaha I wish Amy! I did fill in the application form last year but I decided against it, maybe one year I’ll go for it! Xxx

  • You did such a good job!! I’m really liking the new judge and ‘commentators’ (or whatever they are called).

    • Yea? I like them too, its not the sane, but it wouldn’t ever have been, and they’re doing a great job! Would you join in any of the bakes? Xxx

  • MY GOODNESS. This is a serious work of art!!!

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