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The Bake Off Bake Along Pudding Week Chocolate Fondants 5

Another week, another bake off, and this week is chocolate fondants!

I’ve been remarkably cool and calm about my bake offs so far this year, perhaps marvelling at the fact I don’t have as much time as I perhaps did in previous years. I promise I’ll do some extravagant bakes before the end of the series, but I’ve enjoyed this leisurely stroll through each week so far.

So chocolate fondants…

The Bake Off Bake Along Pudding Week Chocolate Fondants 2

The Bake Off Bake Along Pudding Week Chocolate Fondants 3

I was actually going to make two different bakes this week, and I probably still will, as I’ve always wanted to try making these, but my family and Adam are all huge fans of a steamed pudding as well, so I think our weekly Tuesday pudding (for eating whilst watching the bake off, of course!) will be a steamed treacle pud, I may even also post it as a recipe as well, if I have, you’ll see it here…

With two lovely ladies visiting us this weekend, and a chilli nachos twist for dinner (swap in potato wedges for the nachos – delish!), I figured a quick easy technical would be tasty and fun.

In reality, it actually really was.

Drawing on my caramel week last week, I whizzed up a batch of salted caramel, then set about making this chocolate fondant recipe (sans peanut butter, as I wasn’t 100% sure on everyone’s preference) and from start to finish, it probably took less than half an hour!

The Bake Off Bake Along Pudding Week Chocolate Fondants 6

The Bake Off Bake Along Pudding Week Chocolate Fondants

I *should* have refrigerated the mixture as suggested for half an hour. In great wisdom I kinda figured it was a nicety rather than a must do, and actually, they did still come out gooey, but I think perhaps if I had bothered cooling it before hand, there would have been an actual lava of chocolate, rather than a splodge. Then again, I also didn’t really trust my initial judgement when I first took them out, telling myself to follow the recipe’s timings rather than trusting my instinct, and putting them back in for a couple of minutes. Perhaps this was more my error!

Still, despite being gluten free (as sometimes GF flour can be temperamental), these were spot on. Chocolate fondants that were gooey but properly baked, warm on the plate and drizzled with salted caramel and double cream, they tasted absolutely fantastic! It’s bakes like these where I should have taken more time to photograph it, but in reality we were more eager just to eat them warm!

One word from the wise is that although I also used a muffin tray and therefore halved the mixture to suit 4 of us (the recipe is for 9 portions), I still ended up with 8 individual good sized chocolate fondants, so if you only need a couple, it might be worth making 1/4 of the recipe listed!

The Bake Off Bake Along Pudding Week Chocolate Fondants 4

    I love the caramel ooze too!!!

    • Ohhh youuuuu!!! Everything is tasty with a cheeky bit of caramel! xxx

  • These look so so incredible. I’m not a fan of peanut butter so these tick all the right boxes! They look so gooey too and that drizzle!!!

    P.S potato wedge nachos? Why have I never tried this before?! xx

    • Yes it’s a revelation (especially if like me you’re trying to eat a bit healthier and lose a bit of weight) – the potatoes will go crispy if you do them for long enough before hand, and topped with chilli and a sprinkle of cheese….yum!!! xxx

  • They look lovely! And I want all the caramel now! x

  • Oh wow these look incredible. I’m now ridiculously hungry at 9:40pm…

  • Ahh this is making me so so hungry! Looks amazing! x

  • They look so good and I am all for the caramel! Definitely need to keep this bookmarked as I need a gluten free dessert soon!

  • They look soooo good and that caramel drizzle on top is genius :)

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