The Time I Shot My Boyfriend

If the fact I shot my boyfriend isn’t clickbait enough, I don’t know what is!

This post was supposed to be titled something along the lines of “Men’s winter fashion picks” or “The best men’s hoody on the high street”, but nahh, I decided to go for something a little less #bloggercliche and a little more jazzy. That is, if by “jazzy” I mean, having misleading sensationalist connotations of murder.

Y’know, spice things up a little.

The time I shot my boyfriend 8

The time I shot my boyfriend 5

|   Hoody – C/O Jacamo   |   T Shirt – Superdry  |   Jeans – Levis   |   Trainers – Nike   |

The time I shot my boyfriend 7

The time I shot my boyfriend 3

As it happens, amongst the mayhem of moving last weekend, I managed to crowbar Adam out of the flat (*maybe* because I was a bit bored of cleaning, but also because we’ve been meaning to get these photos taken literally since Christmas). In a rush before it got dark we headed out to Mountbatten pier and battled the absolutely freezing salty wind to take some outfit shots. Turning tables on our usual shoot scenario, it was Adam in the limelight this time.

When Jacamo got in touch offering Adam one of their men’s hoodies, he jumped at the chance even if that meant having to endure some time spent posing and me running around giving instructions. I’m also seriously impressed with the hoody he chose, it’s a lovely blue grey marl with a zip front, white thick toggles and a badge on the left sleeve. It’s the perfect thickness for winter as it’s soft and snuggly, but not too bulky, and pretty much goes with everything he owns (not to mention a lot of the stuff I own too 😉 ).

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The time I shot my boyfriend 9

The time I shot my boyfriend 2

Whilst getting Adam to clamber around on the sea defences (during what I had hoped was perfect golden hour timing), it actually got dark much quicker than expected which fully tested my fledgling photography skills (and editing too). The sunset was absolutely gorgeous that evening, and despite the chill rushing off the Sound, we had a pretty hilarious time.

As much as I’d love to include the awkward and silly outtakes from this shoot, I’m so pleased with the final products, I’ll save those for another day! Thanks goes to Adam for being so patient and such a mightily handsome model, count yourself lucky I shot you this way rather than any other…

The time I shot my boyfriend 4

The time I shot my boyfriend 10

The time I shot my boyfriend 11

***This post contains a collaboration with a brand, but all opinions are my own (and Adam’s too of course!)***