Filling My Basket


Even though I’m now a salaried working woman, i can’t help some of the habits I picked up whilst at university and one of those is not spending beyond my means. I’d prefer to be this way as it’s helpful being able to save, but sometimes in life you’ve just got to treat yourself, and this week seems to be one of those times!


During a fateful trip into Primark after a very  filling pan-asian lunch with Adam, his family and Miranda, I stumbled across this great dress for only £5! I’m a huge fan of bold patterns and so when I also came across the playsuit for £6 I couldn’t resist (even though I have never bought a playsuit before as I’ve always found they highlighted all the worst bits of me). This one was as equally patterned and will look really nice with a little leather belt around the waist. It’s also a really light silk like material so will be  cool on a summers day at the beach!


My bargain buy of the day was this pair of incredible sporty shorts for summer fitness – I love them AND I couldn’t believe that they were actually reduced to a mere £2 in the sale!


Whilst wondering around I also came across these beautiful brogues which look really similar to the ones I’ve been eyeing up on ASOS here, but were a steal at £6! I also fancied some summery flow additions to my newly highlighted hair, so these were perfect. I can never understand why people don’t just find things they like online or in other more prestigious shops, and they go and get them for less than half the price in Primark?!

We popped into Lush to search out some goodies, but as I wanted to try something new, I only ended up coming away with these two testers of coal face facial bar and dark angels face scrub. I’ve tried dark angels before and really liked it, but at £6.75 a pot, I wanted to make sure it was suitable for a few washes before spending the money on a full sized version.


I was heading to my grandparents for Easter Sunday Lunch and needed a quick and easy pudding to make that would please everyone – because after all, who doesn’t like Eton Mess?

filling-my-basket-ebay-ipad-air-32gbMy biggest splurge this week has definitely been this…my new iPad Air…

I tell myself it’s because I’ve lusted after one of these for months and months, and because my laptop is pretty dodgy, and Adam and I keep fighting over who gets to use his. The reality was, I managed to find a refurbished one from a reputable seller on Ebay and whereas new on the Apple website they are £359, I got mine with free delivery for £250. I’m in love already, and right now it feels like the perfect solution for blogging, social media, browsing the internet and using apps.

Is there anything you’ve bought recently that you probably shouldn’t have? You’ll have to let me know what laptop/computer/tablet you all use for blogging and if there are any great apps I should be finding to help me in the start of my blogging career?