When luck turns in your favour…

After my post earlier this week, my luck seems to have turned…

Funny how life’s a bit like that isn’t it?

One minute you’re despairing that everything is going wrong, the next minute it all seems to be flipped upside down and improving. No, the things that were stressing me out haven’t magically disappeared. I’m still not completely there with coming to terms with the last fortnight. But a few little surprises have definitely improved my mood. What I will also say is that the response to that post has been incredible. Thank you so much for the comments, private messages and emails, it’s so appreciated and since posting I’ve been feeling 100000% better!

One thing in particular has been as a result of the #BloggersBlogAwards

Dad and I went for a slap up pub meal on Wednesday night, and I came home feeling pretty tired after the National Firework champs the night before, a day at work and then my HIIT class. Whilst catching up with Sally for a while on the phone as I got ready for bed, I checked my iPad to see if it needed a charge and low and behold I had 52 notifications from twitter. WHAT?

As it turns out, I’ve been shortlisted in the “New Blogger on the Block” category!

My little blog, my space for creativity and thoughts and the little joys in life, has not only been nominated by you lot, but then on top of that – SHORTLISTED!! Madness!

I’ve absolutely loved the hype on Twitter, the fact that Hayley and the other judges have spent so much time going through thousands of nominations, trawling through peoples blogs and then since the shortlist, spreading so much love and positivity. I mean, she’s tweeted hundred of people with comments from their nominations, regardless if they made it into the top 5 of each category, people are just so nice about each other and genuinely love what other bloggers are creating.

So thank you, each and every one of you, for your support, luck, love, and just for deeming my words worthy of reading. I can’t describe what it means to me. I’m wide eyed and speechless at the thought of it!

I totally suggest you have a browse through other shortlisted blogs in the list, I’ve got some seriously stiff competition! The link to vote is at the bottom of the post and you verify using your email address (but I promise you won’t get spam!). My category is number 8 and if you do choose to send a little vote my way I’d be over the moon!