How to Live Luxuriously for Less

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Have I ever mentioned that we bought a house?


Didn’t think so…

I realise I have dropped it into conversation a fair few times, but it consumes a good chunk of our lives and finances and makes me really happy, so why not? This is an interiors post of sorts, but is also one Adam and I have been discussing with lots of our visitors, who often comment on the mix of eclectic old beautiful furniture we’ve obtained since moving in.

There have been coffee tables, a piano, a dining table, a corner cabinet, a huge chest freezer, chest of drawers, sofas, a bureau, wardrobes, book shelves, beds and so many other things. The interesting thing?

We got them all for free!

This definitely isn’t a post to brag, it’s simply comparing the special things we’ve wanted to spend more money on and those other items we have held out for and waited until the right piece appeared for us to collect for free.

You see, when you buy a house that absolutely scrapes the last penny from your bank account leaving nothing but cobwebs, there isn’t the luxury of buying everything new. However, to live luxuriously, also doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

If anything, we’ve been more picky.

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When there have been things we’ve really needed, or those we really care about and had specific ideas for, we’ve saved up, searched the internet to find them and bought them second hand. Like the log burner in the living room, the mirror in our bedroom, and the amp and speakers downstairs. Our usual rule is not to spend more than £50, and it’s incredible what you can pick up from people selling on Facebook, Gumtree and eBay. Barley twist Victorian side tables, a marble topped dresser, beautiful wardrobes that were almost made for the house.

However, whilst furniture is easily spruced up, there are some high quality items that we would rather get brand new, such as these luxurious Egyptian cotton bed sheets* (click here to see where they came from), our blacker then blackout bedroom curtains, and a down and feather duvet.

Especially in your bedroom, a room you realistically spend the majority of your life in (even if you’re not necessarily conscious at the time), it’s so worth splashing out more budget on those extra luxuries.

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There’s nothing lovelier than snuggling down at the end of the day into fresh bed linen, and this new set is perfectly crisp and white against our new 100 year old wooden bed (which, amazingly, was free from a lady advertising locally!)

It’s worth being picky and waiting for exactly what you’re looking for, else you may find you’ve ended up with a whole heap of junk rather than furnishing your home beautifully. Equally, if you find something that ticks all the boxes but is a bit tatty, if you have the capability to upcycle, fix small sections or jazz it up to match your style, it doesn’t have to be perfect initially.

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With this bed, the bottom frame had one carved section that was broken, and we knew we wouldn’t be able to fix it, so instead we took out the decoration on the foot end, sanded it back and oiled it, and you’d now be none the wiser! Adding some cosy and luxury touches to what realistically was someone else’s junk has given our bedroom a new lease of life and suits the house so much. It’s definitely not always about how much you spend, but rather, where you choose to spend, that means you still can live luxuriously for less.


***The bed linen was sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own***

  • This is so true! We’ve had most of our furniture for free too and we’ve refurbished a few times! I want to do more of it but because we’re redoing the flat, that’s the first priority, then off to a few DIY projects 😀 I want to make a cushioned window seat!

    • That sounds amazing, you should do a blog post on it! I’m looking at making a window seat planter for our deep windowsill in the living room. So many things to do, projects to complete, the cheaper the better really! 😉 xxx

  • Wow!! Do you want to do my house up for me (when I buy a house that is…)? I can’t believe you got that gorgeous bed for free, nice work guys! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for vintage bargains in the future :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Haha thanks! 😉 It was such a fluke, but then if you’re patient and on the look out it’s amazing what people give away! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure after all…!! xxx

  • That bed is amazing! I’m not a homeowner yet (and I cant help but think its going to be a loooong time until I am) but I have always thought that when we do eventually buy somewhere, I would like to fill it with some of the amazing old treasures you can find on gumtree/in charity shops as well as a few newer bits xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • I’m totally the same which is one reason we bought an older house. Yes, it needs a lot more TLC than a brand new house but it also has so much character and personality and it really suits older beautifully designed furniture (which coincidentally, a lot of people would rather get rid of!) Do you think you’ll end up with an older house when you do choose to buy one? xxx

      • I always love older houses – especially love that exposed stone wall in these photos. Like you say they suit older furniture perfectly because it looks so nice with the bed! I’d definitely like to look at older houses when we’re ready to buy although since I just cant seem to visualise what kind of house we’ll end up in I have no idea what we would go for in the end, I’ll probably say I’m looking for an older one and end up with a new build! xxx

        • So true, I knew i’d like something like we’ve got now, but never expected we’d end up with it! Initially we were looking mostly at Victorian terraces and houses in the city! It’s exciting whatever you eventually buy so it’s definitely fun at looking at some wild cards! xxx

  • AboutKari (Karolina)

    First off, the stone wall and the bed make it seem like it’s from a movie! It’s so pretty and I agree that it’s often a great idea to recycle old furniture. One persons trash is another ones treasure. The bedroom really looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see more of your projects.

    • Thanks so much! :) They had taken the plaster off when they put the new window in I think (we’d eventually like to replace them with wooden double glazed sash again) but the stone work is definitely staying!! :) xxx

  • This is gorgeous Alice!!! Fits into your home like a dream xxx

    • Ahh thanks darling! It certainly gives us more space and suits the style of property better than before! xxx

  • You’re bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! We got all of our London furniture for free too! (Freecycle and gumtree sorted us right out!) x

    • Yesss!! I love hearing that other people have done the same! It makes me feel less of a cheapskate and also there’s something so great about getting unwanted things and giving them a new lease of life! Xxx