December Garden






The garden in December is often a bare and cold affair. Winter’s gloom stripping leaves leaving branches behind. It’s a quiet time of year, hushed as the world snoozes. The ground is hard and sparse, yet the air is crisp. The garden in December is a peaceful reminder of Winter’s glory.

We are so close to having our own winter garden to spruce and admire, yet for now it was down to borrowing a different garden that allowed me to try out the new hedge trimmer from Stihl.

The frosty air was broken by the laughter from my family at the site of me trying to work out how to wear chainsaw chaps. Pretty appropriate given the 4 inch scar on Adam’s thigh from a viscious angle grinder a few years ago (and even then he considered himself to be in PPE at the time but I guess you just don’t think you’ll ever get hurt – protect yourselves kids!)








Choosing to try out my new piece of kit on my Grandma’s front hedge (she’s my grandma, and would definitely not get cross if I mucked it up on my first go, right?!) it turns out it was a lot easier than I think I expected. Safer and less scary to start than the petrol versions, I also fully appreciated the fact that there was no way I could run over the cord (as its battery powered, there isn’t one, fancy huh?!)





It was a rare occasion to wonder around the garden I’ve known my whole life, seeing it through Winter’s eyes. Noticing the little things, how everything sits in December, a month we don’t usually associate with the garden, that is, unless it snows. Such a useful time of year to prepare for the coming Spring, yet underrated. I think it might be my age, or perhaps sort of having a garden of my own, that makes the garden suddenly so much more of an interest to me. I relish the time spent outside, regardless of the season, and am so eager to learn everything I can over the coming years in my own garden.

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