Christmas at Town House

When your family love your best friends almost as much as you do, dinner parties when you’re all home at Christmas are such a delight. Mulled wine flowed, conversation grew steadily ruder and more hilarious and the photos evidently more blurred. Dad even donned an apron and proudly presented us with a mincemeat tear and share chelsea bun Christmas tree (a shock as I don’t think I can remember him baking, ever!). Christmas at Town House has always been hugely steeped in tradition, which I love and cherish.

The same wonderful decorations, a tree covered in a loving assortment of random articles from our childhoods, Mum’s and even Babcia’s (including the terrifying 1970’s panda, and the rather fanciful rubber Rudolf, to name a few!), there’s something so comforting about gathering around our big wooden table with the majority of my favourite people in the world. I haven’t posted a huge amount around Christmas, not to say I didn’t jot down ideas to fill an entire month and more, I’ve just found that sometimes, the things that matter most about the season are best left to enjoy fully, rather than from the other side of the lense. This evening in particular was spur of the moment and fantastic and the few pictures I did manage to capture happily summed up the merry noise and joy that should be associated with time spent with those you love.