A Little House Update

A little house update 3

After my teasers of the new house so far, lots of people had asked when I’d be sharing the inside, and so in amongst the brilliant chaos of visitors and trips out and about that we’ve had recently, I set about determined to take some decent photos of the internal rooms that we’re now so proud to own! I thought this post would be about the whole house, or maybe at least the downstairs. As it turns out, there’s a LOT to photograph and so many little things I want to show you, so this post only focuses on one room to begin with- the living/dining room.

A little house update

The funny thing with house tours is that usually it’s a case of showing off the finished product. With this one, we’ve barely even started.

Below are the “before photos” on the day we moved in whilst it was still empty, and to follow are lots of current photos, as it looks right now. Yet we have so many plans, so many tweaks and amendments and dreams for how we hope it will look one day. I am so content in this house, just thinking about it makes me beam with pride and love for it, regardless of the to-do list a mile long!

A little house update 12

A little house update 13

So here’s our living room.

It currently just about fits our sofa bed and the big box armchairs. There’s room for the lovely wooden coffee table we picked up from our favourite grot-shop near the old flat, and the doll’s house green grocers that Adam was made as a child. We swapped our little square dining table and the tartan chairs I had upholstered with Adam’s granny’s larger table as she was also moving house, but downsizing. The thing I realised after moving was that although we came from a small-ish 2 bedroom flat to a much bigger 4 bedroom house, possessions are like a liquid – they fill whatever space is available. Thinking we’d be able to have acres of space and be totally minimalist just never happened – each room has expanded and is pretty much already filled with everything it needs.

A little house update 10

Though we have taken a few bits away and added a few others.

For instance, it became very apparent that neither of us actually particularly wanted the TV in the living room. A) because it was too big and bulky and just looked odd in a long thin space (I hate living rooms where the TV is the main focus of the room rather than the fireplace) and B) because we simply don’t have the time or desire to watch it. Whilst it’s reasonably nice weather outside, and we have limited time to tick each weekend’s jobs off the list, we just don’t have enough hours in the day to sit down for an hour and do nothing. Is that bad?

So the telly has been moved into our huge loft room with the intention that we’ll turn it into a cosy cinema room at some point before we put the staircase in.

Our intention with this room is to have it as a day living and dining room. The kitchen currently doesn’t have the space for a table, so we eat in here or outside if it’s sunny. Our idea for this room is to close off the second door in the corner to allow more space for furniture, and have it bright and airy, with parquet wooden flooring and move the stable door to the kitchen and replace with glass bi-fold doors to open up in the summer and let the air in, creating an outdoor-indoor space between what will be our new patio area, and the current dining space. It’s somewhere to be filled with plants and art, hopefully with a bright Scandinavian feel to it. Somewhere to have coffee with friends during the day, or sit down and read the paper over breakfast. Eventually, the second living room (which is currently our indoor tool shed/garage) will be our cosy evening room, and this one will be the larger, brighter day space.

A little house update 4

A little house update 8

A little house update 9

Though, as with everything, this is entirely money dependant, and it will take time.

So as it is, it’s a mixture of the two.

A bright space for entertaining, and a cosy place to sit after dark.

When you first move in somewhere, before it feels complete, you really need two things: pictures on the walls, and plants.

A little house update 11

A little house update 5

I’ve rearranged our gallery wall to fit into this room and put up the beautiful painting of Sennen that I’ve always loved from home (and which Mum so kindly gifted me when we moved in!). We’ve still got a few little bits to find, but adding other quirky features like the sea blue Thomas Kent clock from RedCandy* gives the room lots of colourful points to draw your eye. I like rooms with lots to look at, so I’m really tempted by their mustard yellow retro phone, and copper accessories. You might recognise the corner cupboard and bureau that we picked up at the tip that we are going to upcycle, and there’s also a new addition of the barley twist antique side table we found someone selling on Facebook. The bargains you can pick up locally are amazing! I’ve also been determined to stay stocked with fresh flowers in my hammered copper vase, which brightens up the room no end and makes me so happy. It’s the little things.

A little house update 6

A little house update 14

A little house update 7

It feels as though we’ve barely done anything in the two months since moving in, but it would actually also be nearly impossible to remember it all. We’ve moved everything in, changed all light bulbs to LEDs, flooded the kitchen (and as a result put in new lino, taps and hoses), drilled through the ridiculously thick wall to plumb in the washing machine and tumble dryer, repainted the front door, smashed through the kitchen door (for glass panels, not just the sake of it!), fitted curtain rails and blinds, taken up said curtains, put in shelves for tools, changing light fittings, de-mossed the lawns and reseeded them, trimmed the hedges and trees, planted up some of the borders, propped up the apple tree, cleared the gutters, put up hanging baskets, repainted the back door and put in lighting and a new false ceiling above the hob in the kitchen. Oh, and we bought a van. A big old rusty transit for picking up big old things and moving them around. All that alongside a wonderful stream of visitors every single weekend.

I love it, I really do.

We fully intend to do one room at a time, as and when we can afford to. The jobs this weekend will be painting the kitchen and fitting a new window pane, all after Sally’s 30th!

A little house update 2

When you’ve bought a house with the intention to do it up, I guess it can feel overwhelming, but just choosing one bit at a time has really helped, and as a list queen, ticking everything slowly off so far is the most satisfying thing! As for what’s next, I’ll keep you posted…



***This post is in collaboration with RedCandy but all opinions, elbow grease and DIY dreams are my own!***

  • OH WOW! It looks beautiful, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds, I love your style!

    • Thanks Elena, that’s so lovely to say! I also can’t wait to see how it unfolds, even though we’re in control, I wonder who close to what I see in my mind currently it will be! xxx

  • It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! X

  • I love how the painting from your blog hangs in your living room! 😉
    x finja | http://www.effcaa.com

    • I wondered if anyone would notice! 😉 The blog logo was inspired by this painting as I’ve always loved it – then mum gifted it to us when we moved in and of course it had to go pride of place!! xxxx

  • Your house is like the house from my dreams! It’s beautiful! What’s your secret to doing up a living room so quick? It’s taken us months. Emma

    • Thank you so much lovely that’s so sweet of you! :) Well, truth be told the living room still needs a lot of work, and isn’t the finished product by any stretch of the imagination, there’s lots to do in there, but it’s getting there! :) xxx

  • Looking so good Alice! Even more beautiful in the sunshine :) xx

    • You’re one of the lucky few we’ve had visit in person! 😀 xxx

  • It is SO beautiful!!!!!! Wow!!!! I had no idea your blog header came from a painting, so lovely! Gutted I don’t live nearby, I’d be popping in for a cup of tea and a nose!

    • I’d love it if you did, would be so nice to meet you properly rather than just via the grand old internet! The idea for the header was purely because I have always loved the painting as it’s of my favourite place in the world in Cornwall! So now I have both!! <3 xxx

  • You’ve done so well in making your house into a home. I’m extremely jealous PLUS that coffee table is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more snippets! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • I really enjoyed writing this post so I’m looking forward to doing one for each of the rooms, especially as we’re still very much in the “before” phase, so it will be great to show each one again in the after phase! Plus, writing posts forces me to take photos! xxx

  • Such a beautiful house and the inside looks great! x

  • This house is soooo beautiful! Literally the perfect miniature country house! Garden is looking wonderful already too. I love the deep sills by the back door to the garden (and the stable door – we just installed one off our new kitchen but alas the view is of a wall in the side passage, not half as pretty!). Looking really cosy and homely already. Seems like you’re doing all the right things at the moment – don’t do anything major too soon, as it helps to know how you really use the house first. We have waited 2 years before doing the major work, but now that baby is 3 weeks away and it isn’t finished I am regretting that, so maybe ignore me! Enjoy it!! xx

    • You are so kind! It’s going to also be slow progress, but we’re lucky that it’s not too bad to start of with so we’ve got the luxury of doing one room at a time and saving up after each! Going to try and re-putty all the windows and do the garden and outside this summer so that it’s all ready for the winter months, then maybe choose a room to start work on over the winter indoors! Ahhh I really hope we have time before babies to get the majority of it done – helps I’m only 25! xxx

  • Your house is BEAUTIFUL! That symmetrical front and path!
    Great space inside so far!

    • Thanks so much, I’m so excited to have the time and money to really get cracking with each room and transform it! xxx

  • That is looking absolutely lovely, you guys have done loads of work! It’s always nice to look back at before photos so you can see the difference you’ve made when it doesn’t feel like you’ve done much.

    • It was fun going back over the last few weeks and working out actually what we’ve managed to do so far! It’s difficult to remember that there’s loads that’s happened already when a lot of it is behind the scenes! xxx

  • Its looking so lovely! Love how light and airy it is! :) Can’t wait to see what the rest of it is like :) xx

    • That was exactly the reason I fell in love with it in the first place! I love how bright it is, even though it’s a super old stone cottage! xxx

  • Such a gorgeous home!!!! I have seriously house envy! Your sense of style in an older home is perfect!

    • Thanks Kate, it’s a really interesting balance to try and find, we both like modern minimalist Scandinavian style, but as we have all the same furniture, and most of it was given to us, we have to just work with what we’ve got to fit it into a much older farmhouse property! What sort of style house do you live in? xxx

  • So utterly lovely! I am desperate to buy a house but we just can’t afford to at Oxford prices. Looks like you are really living the dream xx

    • Eeeek could you perhaps buy one on the outskirts? I’m lucky to love Cornwall and buy one in a reasonably cheap area (compared to Oxford/London at least!!) xxx

      • There isn’t really an ‘outskirts’ to Oxford because it’s so small! You are in it or you are not, sadly. Cornwall is gorgeous, but my whole life is here, in this incredibly expensive city, sadly xxx

        • Ahh shame, it’s such a beautiful city, but I can imagine it’s crazy trying to buy a house if they’re all so expensive! xxx

  • I love that your Mum’s painting is on the wall! It looks beautiful!

    • I love love love it and i’m so pleased she gave it to me, it’s my absolute fav! xxx

  • It’s adorable! Like one of those houses you draw as a child (I mean that in the best possible way). Just discovered your blog, looking forward to seeing the house get done up!

    • I know! That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw it too! I’ve been a bit AWOL on the blog since I’ve been all over the place and then at Glastonbury for the last week, so if you’ve just started following – HELLO! There will be lots of posts this week hopefully! 😀 xxx

  • your house just looks like a dream. its so beautiful. i can’t wait to get my very own house one day. its gonna take some time still.


    • It’s amazing once you’ve got it, though it scares me the amount of money I had to save and how strict I was in order to get it! Still, definitely doable if you make the right choices! xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Oh girl, I’m just going to throw it out there and say that your house is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, it’s so bloody picturesque and my absolute house goals! It looks amazing lovely, you should be so proud! <3

    Hayley xo

    • You are the sweetest little gem! I actually am really proud, though it seems boastful to say so! We worked so hard saving for it, it’s so satisfying to have it now! Do you own your own house? xxx

  • RIGHT. Can we be neighbors? Because I’m so jealous. I LOVE your house!!

    • Haha oh that would be the best, come and move to Cornwall!!! Quick! 😉 xxx

  • Oh my gosh what a gorgeous house! Honestly it looks wonderful. We’re about to move so I love the idea of planning where things go and decorating at the moment 😀 xx

    • Wow that’s so exciting!!! :) where are you moving? Are you buying it? Xxx