Lovely Things || April

April is by far the BEST month! I mean, I’m slightly biased as it was my birthday on the 11th, but it’s also been a cracker regardless.

Though what’s with the crazy weather? Sunny one minute, snowing the next, wtf global warming?! I fear this may be a long one, there have been many lovely things that have happened this month!!

Hope you’ve had a great April too lovelies…

A Business Trip to York

I was asked at the beginning of April to present at a big annual conference for the main organisation for one of the sectors I do quite a lot of work in. My boss was supposed to present initially but he asked if I’d do it instead. In front of hundreds of “industry experts” I was inevitably pretty nervous but it went really well and the 15 mins Q&A after my presentation luckily didn’t reveal that I knew nothing (actually if anything I surprised myself with how much I did know and could answer).

It really bugs me that I was one of the few women there presenting, and by far the youngest! Working in a predominantly crusty old man environment can be tricky ESPECIALLY when others attending assume you’re someone’s PA!
The other great thing about this was getting to see some of my Dad’s family for dinner. My Dad’s cousin’s wife is Japanese and cooks the most delicious food! They’re really sweet and so welcoming, I had the loveliest time.
York itself also deserves a mention, especially as I very nearly went to university there way back when I thought I’d take the English route and become a judge. At some point I may explain about that lil’ old chunk of my past. York is a beautiful city, though too bloody far for my liking. I had great fun just wondering the streets admiring its beauty and buying some cheeky treats in Betty’s.

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A VERY important April birthday!

By very important, I actually mean that because it was MY birthday, not because it was that important in terms of age. I do prefer the number 24 to 23, something about evens! Anyone else have that too? I had a beaut of a day that I wrote about here. This year was also quite possibly my very best ever for presents, I got so many amazing and thoughtful gifts!

I was going to do a birthday haul post but decided it just seemed too superficial (anyone else feel like that about things they’ve been bought?!)

I will however highlight that I got lots of garden related things (how to tell you’re getting older?!), including this wonderful handmade raised bed from Adam. Mum and Dad went to town and got me the loveliest surprises, not to mention this new babe.

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Talking of gardens…

We also are SO close to finishing the renovation of the garden. Of everything we’ve changed in the flat, including the bathroom which I posted about this month, the garden is the biggest transformation! When it’s completely done I’ll do another before and after post. I can’t wait to fill my planter box and hanging baskets, but with the spring flowers and bay trees it’s really looking lovely!

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A Royal Visitation

Two of my best friends Will and Kate came to Plymouth this month for a visit! We had the loveliest time having a very chilly BBQ (suns out, but guns are definitely not out yet!) and drank snail liquor (there is a little floating snail shell in the bottle of herby alcohol Adam and I brought back from Mallorca – yum!) and forced them to walk miles and miles around the coast to get across to Mount Edgcumbe on the ferry.

Definitely didn’t realise it was that far, 8.5 miles walking to go and get a carvery does seem excessive! Exploring the grounds was lovely, and it was a sunny day so I didn’t feel too guilty! They also bought me this awesome print, which is sitting proudly in our bedroom!

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Lighter Evenings and Signs of Spring

There is something fantastic when you realise it’s only just getting dark and it’s 9pm. The lighter evenings are definitely one of my favourite things about April and entering Spring time. With the only evening of the week I’m actually not doing anything being a Tuesday night, I normally try and visit friends or family and don’t get any time at home. This month however, I’ve kept two Tuesdays free and had a lovely time cooking dinner, running with the dogs and catching up on some TV. Is anyone else into The Island/Gogglebox/One Born/First Dates at the moment? I don’t usually watch very much TV at all, and never live telly, but I’m loving these on catch up at the moment!

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Wedding Bells Up North

I say “Up North” because it was North of Bristol (obvs), I’m fully aware that Northampton is actually the midlands! We travelled up last weekend to attend the wedding of Adam’s Stepdad’s brother (now there’s a mouthful!) and though I was hesitant about the long journey, it went by quickly enough with his little brother asleep on my shoulder and the wedding was really nice – they were so lucky with the April weather! We sat next to some pretty funny cousins and it was good to meet all of that side of Adam’s family.

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I’m not a runner. Yes, I have run in the past, but I’m by no means a runner. Give me a hardcore HIIT session, a swim or a game of energetic badminton any day. However, when The British Heart Foundation got in touch and asked if I wanted to take part in #MyMarathon I actually considered it. In fact, not only considered, but signed up.

26.2 miles isn’t too bad when it’s split across May right?!


Of the weekends that I’m free before Barcelona, I’ve worked out I can run 1.5 miles one day, 2miles the next, then 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and then finish on the big one, 5 miles.
I’ve run 5 miles before, and I know it isn’t actually that much of a huge achievement, but I think the consistency of keeping up going for a run on both a Saturday and Sunday, for a whole month with be a challenge. But nonetheless a challenge I’m willing to accept!
If you want to find out more check out this website which tells you everything about the challenge and gives lots of helpful tips on improving your running, no matter what level you are.

Lovely Things April 19

I’ve already got some great plans for May in the diary, so even though April was so good I’m really looking forward to the next month too.

I can’t wait for an extra day off, and have a meal out with a friend tonight, a bike ride with another friend and her little nephew tomorrow followed by a mooch around Totnes market before heading back to Plymouth to see the celebrations for start of the Transat boat race.

What exciting things are you up to this bank holiday?