Coconut Magic

I may be jumping on the bandwagon a little late here- I’ve heard the hype, done my research and just purchased my very first jar, but is coconut oil all it is cracked up to be?

My first purchase actually involved quite a lot of trawling the internet to find the right product for the best price. I’ve read quite a few articles from other blogs and websites about the importance of getting the unrefined stuff, and I don’t doubt that it’s true what they say – the more natural the better. Therefore, I was very pleasantly surprised to find an organic virgin coconut oil from Tesco of all places which seemed to be cheaper than anywhere else I’d seen online.

Coconut-magic-coconut oil - mid


But what can you do with this rumoured foodstuff of magic? I thought I’d give it a go and try it out in ten different ways…


Use: Replace any other oils used for cooking with coconut oil.

Verdict: As long as you like the taste of coconut, it works amazingly. Coconut oil has a higher burn point than most other oils (especially olive oil) it keeps it’s nutrional value even when frying and works especially well for stir frys, baking and as a dairy-free alternative to butter.


Use: Melt 2-3 tbsp a little at a time between your hands and once melted cover all of your hair from root to tip. Leave in overnight if possible (but use a shower cap or put an old towel on your pillow so you don’t get it oily) and then wash hair with shampoo twice in the morning, forgoing on conditioner. Style as normal.

Verdict: Wow! My hair has been super soft and silky, and one surprise I’ve found is that my hair now seems to be less greasy than it usually would do (thank goodness – this morning’s lack of hot water due to the boiler breaking + parents away on holiday = going to work with 3 day old dirty hair…mmm!)


Use: As with hair oil, melt between your fingers and slather on as much as you like, concentrating on dry areas such as knees and elbows.

Verdict: Also, very good! It takes a while to soak in compared to normal moisturiser, but does leave skin feeling really silky and soft. Plus it smells amazing!

Coconut-magic-coconut oil- close-spoon


Use: Melt 2-3tbsp into a bath of hot water – best if run under a tap as the bath is filling.

Verdict: A lovely coconutty smell, made my skin feel really soft, but I also made the mistake of putting my head under which then meant I needed a shower afterwards just to stop my hair looking like I’d been through a chip fryer. Also made the bath very slippy so if you’re like us and have a shower bath combo (although ours is extra special and we have 2 showers – 1 either end of the bath – why I’ll never know!) then do be careful and maybe wash the bath out when you pull the plug.


Use: As any other lip balm, rub onto chapped lips

Verdict: This stuff tastes good. It didn’t last long on my lips. Enough said.


Use: Rub a small amount (by small I mean tiny) onto your finger tips and smooth other your face in small circles working upwards and outwards.

Verdict: Like with the body moisturiser, it does take a while to sink into your skin and so for about 20 minutes you’ll look like a shining beacon, but once its all soaked in it gives you a lovely radiant glow and keeps skin soft for hours.

Coconut-magic-coconut oil-teaspoon


Use: Add to smoothies/shakes/porridge/cakes…etc or make energy balls by mixing with seeds and berries.

Verdict: It tastes so much better than I was expecting, so much so that I literally sat and spooned a whole tablespoon into my mouth the first time I tried it. That was a mistake, but in small quantities, mixed with other foods, it’s easy to add into your meal routines and definitely made me feel more alert.


Uses: Do as you please…

Verdict: Works well as a massage oil as it doesn’t evaporate too quickly nor leave skin feeling sticky and oily. A perfect 20 minute window for someone to lovingly rub your back (if you’re lucky and can persuade such person to do so), it melts really easily and a little goes a long way.


Use: Rub in small circles over scars and/or stretch marks to moisturise skin in specific areas and minimise the appearance.

Verdict: I’m a huge fan of Bio-oil and am unfortunate enough to have visable stretch marks which do seemed to have calmed down and faded since using this wonder product every day. Since switching to coconut oil I haven’t necessarily noticed the difference yet, but there also hasn’t been any negative change. I’ll have to report back over the next few weeks.


Use: Click here to find out how to make your own deodorant out of coconut oil.

Verdict: Ok, I’ll admit, I’m yet to try this use. I have thought about it on lots of occasions this week, but in reality I’m too nervous in case it doesn’t work! Imagine if I suddenly smell during the day but only my colleagues notice and i’m oblivious to the mask of coconut false pretense. I will try it (but possibly only at the weekend when only poor Adam has to suffer!) and i’ll post an update, but for now, you’ll have to let me know if it’s something you’ve tried (and – if it works!).Coconut-magic-coconut oil-melted-teaspoon

Overall Verdict:

I’m a complete convert and I think coconut oil really could be one of the most versatile food/beauty products there is. Some of the uses were a little bizarre (*cough* deodorant *cough*) but overall I was amazed by how many of the everyday items we buy to keep us smooth and silky could be replaced by just one!