Restaurant Review: The Bakehouse, Cullompton

Nestled in the somewhat desolate town of Cullompton is The Bakehouse, one of the best little cafes in the surrounding towns where my parents live. If you’d ever been to Cullompton you’d know why I called it desolate- as with most small market towns in rural areas, the addition of a Tesco has rather dominated and a lot of the smaller local shops appear to be struggling.

However, that exception doesn’t extend to The Bakehouse.

I’ve been in there on a few occasions at varying times of day throughout the week and every single visit has seen the cafe nearly full. The old fashioned front window with assortments of potted plants (and pumpkins!) guide you into a warm and open area with a mix of bare brick wall, a mismatched selection of antique wooden furniture, amazing floral centrepieces crafted from the florists next door and a quirky selection of nick-nacks.


Though obviously very busy, the staff are always smiling and chatty and the service was speedy. I was being treated today to an early birthday breakfast by the lovely Katie Jarman (soon to be Hodkinson) as she’d come home from London for Easter weekend, so she’d booked – which is advisable. As I’d hoped, The Bakehouse was the perfect place for a girly catch up over delicious coffee and a freshly cooked fry up made from local produce.


The mix of people who visit The Bakehouse shows how much it appeals to anyone and everyone, the menu is nicely crafted (especially for breakfast!) and every time I’ve been it has never disappointed. Definitely worth a visit if you’re whizzing down the M5 on a trip to Cornwall and need something more delicious and sustaining than a soggy McMuffin at the services, want a chilled morning reading the paper and watching the world go by or are looking for somewhere to take your granny for lunch.


Five Highlights:

  1. Local food – supporting farmers and producers in your local area is SO important
  2. Teapigs tea – anywhere that has a decent selection is on to a winner
  3. A decent flat white – I’m a bit of a coffee snob, but this one hit the spot!
  4. Amazing selection of freshly baked cakes. Say. No. More.
  5. Price – I think they’ve got it just right, £6.50 for a Full English is very reasonable, and the amount of food you get is definitely worth the money!

If you’re in Mid Devon and fancy visiting The Bakehouse, have a look at their website here or ring 01884 35222 to book.