For the love of Gin!

For the love of gin! 1

If I had to choose just one alcoholic drink for the rest of my life, it would probably be a G&T. Not only is it actually pretty low in calories, but it’s also delicious, refreshing and there are just so many different variations to choose from. My favourite from an off the shelf range of gin is usually a Hendricks with cucumber garnish and a lemon tonic. However, one of the most delicious more unusual gins I’ve had recently is a pink pepper gin with a slightly spicy tonic and a good wedge of lime.

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Gin seems to be very much the spirit of the moment, with gin bars popping up in every town and pubs offering far more than the usual Gordan’s. This is partly where, over the last few years, gin festivals have also come onto the scene.

Therefore this post is an introduction to what to expect at a gin festival, after Adam and I visited the one that travelled to Torquay recently. The Friday night we had tickets was the night after we’d moved into the house, and though hesitant with so much to unpack and move, we had both also really been looking forward to a night out, exploring a new-to-us town and tasting some pretty unusual and special gin! We had a pretty effortless journey, despite having to get three separate trains from Saltash (our new little local station) and arriving after the initial rush as recommended meant we entered swiftly and easily without any delay.

When you first arrive at a gin festival, you’re presented with a balloon glass, filled with your gin bible and some other useful info. You then head into the main hall where you can purchase extra tokens for trying different gins. In the drinks hall, the gins are laid out in 4 categories – A, B, C, D with different groups of gins in each. You can consult your gin bible, choose the gin you want, head to the bar it’s listed under and then they will pour it for you, accompanied by the specified garnish and recommendations for tonics. I really liked that you pour your own tonic, and it’s unlimited. I also loved that they only provide Fever Tree, and all varieties of them! I especially love the lemon tonic and the spiced.

The queues at each bar went down really quickly and all the bar staff were so friendly and knowledgeable about the gins they were serving, I could have happily tried one of everything! (and ended up on the floor no doubt) – even trying 3 different gins (plus a few sneaky brand tasters) made me tipsy enough!

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We also wanted to try out some of the tasty looking street food, choosing meatballs and cous cous with tasty kebabs – really reasonable at just £4 per meal!

Throughout the evening there was live music and really interesting masterclasses from gin distillers about how they started their businesses. You also have the opportunity to sample more gin and chat to brands upstairs in the mezzanine.

There really is so much choice of gin types, many of which I’ve never heard of! Initially I went for a fruity rhubarb gin, which was served with raspberries, and Adam chose a quince gin which actually turned out to be a favourite for both of us!

My second choice was a wildcard Mediterranean gin with rosemary and pine, but although I loved the sound of it, I found the taste a bit too strong and not the usual fruity, fresh, or floral that I’d like. A good lesson to learn though, and Adam’s second choice was a good strong dry gin that was very fresh and liquoricey.

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The end of the evening came around far faster than either of us expected, but we had to dash back to get our train, and the final chocolate gin was one we figured we’d never have tried otherwise, especially as it was served without a garnish, and with orange juice! It was actually delicious! Chocolate + orange + gin would never have been on my list if I hadn’t been to the festival, and though I probably won’t be buying a specific bottle any time soon, I was really pleased I’d tried it!

Are you a lover of gin? If so, hit me up with some recommendations!

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*** I was given a complimentary ticket to the gin festival, but all opinion and love of gin is my own!***

  • I do like me a nice gin but pimms is more my tipple of choice when I can come by it here in Canada. I am getting excited at the thought of pimms when I go back to England the week after next!

    • Oooh Pimms is delicious in the summer! Did you know the number on a Pimms bottle determines the base alcohol? They used to make around 50 varieties but now,only do a handful? Xxx

  • Awh this looks like so much fun! Do love me a good G&T as well 😉 x

    • Yessss :) still slowly building up my gin collection to give people choice! So many tasty ones out there, but what’s your favourite? Xxx

  • I loooove gin. It’s definitely my fave too! I’ve been drinking a lot of City of London gin as the bar is close to my home office and I always end up picking up a bottle. Pepper gin sounds amazing, I love pepper!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Oooh now that’s a cool one, a bit like how we have Plymouth gin because its right there! I’ve been on a distillery tour as well, have you ever done one? Xxx

  • I hadn’t tried gun until recently when a friend held a gin tasting evening just for me! 😀 I quite enjoyed it though :)

    • That’s so cool that she did one just for you! :) any particulars that you liked more than others? Xxx

  • I’m a LOVER! THough I do also love wine – so that might just top it to the ONE AND ONLY if I had to!
    THe festival looks fun!
    I love a Gin and tonic well garnished… I also love a straight up martini!
    I have a gin tray at home, after seeing one of my friends with one – I put a photo on my Insta – have a look – you should have one for your new home!!!
    Lovely outfit! And gorgeous backdrop too! Yellow fields for days!
    Holly xx BLOG:

    • A gin tray is something I simply have to have, I love that idea!! I’m thinking about displaying them in a cupboard we have in the living room which has glass fronts but I didn’t k ow if that would make us seem a bit alcoholic (we like to collect a fair few different ones!) Have you got a favourite?? Xxx

  • oh WOW. Bit weird sitting at work at 11am wishing I was at a gin festival haha. I keep missing all the gin festivals which makes me really sad because they always look amazing. I love your photographs!

    chloe | mojichlo

    • Haha gin would make the working day go faster! If you can get to one they’re definitely worth it- have you seen their website? Thanks Chloe! xxx

  • I think I’m the only person in Cornwall who DOESN’T like gin hahaha!

    • Oh no! What would be your tipple of choice instead? xxx

      • I have a sweet tooth, so I’m more of a vodka French martini type :)

        • Oooh delish! I never think of vodka based cocktails so much, but it’s such a good base for so many! xx

  • I can only drink gin when the weather is warm. Is that weird? Have you tried Brockman’s? Its a reasonably small company but it’s my absolutely fav these days! x

    • I guess it’s like only drinking pimms when the weather is warm too? I think Brockmans was a featured gin at the festival actually! Is it blueberry based? xxx