24 924 724 11On Monday I turned 24!

If you’ve ever known me IRL, you’ll know that birthdays are a seriously BIG DEAL. Not just mine, I love making other people’s just as special too, even if they don’t give a flying monkeys (i.e. Adam).

Suddenly finding myself speeding out of my 23rd year into the big 24 came around really quickly. Probably as I’ve been particularly busy with work recently (hence this post) and haven’t had much time, energy or head space for anything else. Other than DIY, there’s always time for weekend DIY…yep.

The funny thing about my birthday is that over the last 5 years I’ve had quite a few odd ones. For instance there was my 3rd when I refused to talk to anyone, my 5th where I spent my fun day out at Crealy in the first aid tent with an ear infection, my 19th where I attended my uncle’s funeral, my 21st where I was flying back from a tour of America, my 22nd which involved setting up a close friend’s wedding…the list goes on. Last year was the first birthday I’d had where the expectation was that I could choose exactly what I wanted to do, and then that expectation was quashed by a rather disastrous day involving hanger, bike punctures and a rather failed surprise. You can read about it here btw.

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Turning 24, you’ll be pleased to know, was different!

As usual I woke up super early, excited by all the lovely messages I’d already received. I had a long shower and spent a wonderfully girly amount of time getting ready. All whilst this was happening, Adam was busy in the kitchen rustling up some pancakes, which turned out to be delicious and we ate them sitting in the bright sunshine in the garden, covered in berries, saskatoon coulis and maple syrup.

To make the most of the great weather on our day off we jumped in the car and headed for the cliffs overlooking the coast, walking through winding lanes and hopping across a farmers field where there were beautiful panoramic views across the Sound and all of Plymouth. It was the first time this year the weather has felt really hot, so once I’d had my fix of photographs, I wanted to cool off by dipping my toes in the sea at Bovisand bay.

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By this point it was already about 3.30 so we headed back into the city via Adam’s grandparents (who are practically like another set of my own!) and chose a pub we like, where we could sit overlooking the harbour in the sun and celebrating further with a meal split between us of calamari, smoked haddock rarebit and a handsome pizza.

Though I had intended to drive home that afternoon to see my family, time had whizzed on as only it has a tendency of doing, and we made plans for the evening after instead, visiting our local which has been recently revamped and was looking all edgy hipster and cool. It helped that the food was top notch and we could make use of the beer garden before dinner, sitting out next to the river. This has since been followed by even more meals throughout the week.

Soz, not soz.

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On my birthday eve we were both quite sleepy and decided that a few episodes of Breaking Bad were in order with a glass of wine or two (I was so tempted to write a reference to Netflix and chill here…!! ha!)

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I have been so lucky this week, celebrating every single evening after work with all those I love most! Everyone has been unbelievably generous and I’ve truthfully really loved every single present I’ve received.

No duds whatsoever!

Though I may just do another little post detailing some of the lovely things I’ve been bought, as they’re far too gorgeous not to share!

So for now, from this 24 year old, I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have something exciting planned this weekend!