The Art of Modern Calligraphy

I’ve always wished I was better at art.

My family are all incredible artists, with my Mum being a fully trained potter and artist, my Dad a photographic scientist and web designer, one brother a graphic designer and illustrator, and the other a novice potter. Me? I’m none of these things.

If you asked me to draw anything, it would look like a five year old has done it. However, though I’m not good at conventional “art” I am creative. On here, through learning photography, cooking, and interiors. This may not be illustration, painting or sculpture, but it is still art.

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 4

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 5

One of my friends, Kate, also started up her own business a few years ago, Kate Creates, where she designs and prints her own fabric to make lampshades, pouffes, cards, bags and stationary. Though she’s a wedding co-ordinator as her full time job, this side hustle is brilliantly creative and she’s always looking at new ways to expand her repertoire. Which leads me onto the art of calligraphy.

Strange little segway there, but you’ll understand in a minute…

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 7

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 6

You see, Kate is a fantastic present buyer, always has been, and this year for my birthday, I was bought a voucher for a 2 hour calligraphy workshop, so do alongside Kate in Plymouth with Anon Design.

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 2

I arrived in a fluster (stupid satnav decided to disconnect from GPS as I was driving along the A38 and I stupidly hadn’t actually looked up where I was going before I set off), but the workshop was held in a beautiful shop and creative space called The Wedding Hub. Here, they’d laid on a wonderfully decorated wooden table of daisies and eucalyptus, with hand written name cards, quotes and all the necessary implements for our workshop – a full calligraphy guide book, a pen, nibs, ink and water, as well as the necessary tea, coffee and cupcakes!

We then spent the next two hours going through all the basics of calligraphy, from holding your pen slightly higher than you’d expect, giving yourself enough space to move your whole arm rather than just your wrist, practicing drills, and forming letters and then words.

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 3

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 13

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 11


The Art of Modern Calligraphy 9

It was so interesting to find out why the others in the workshop were there – some for their creative jobs, some for learning to letter their own weddings, and others, a combination a bit like Kate and I of always wanting to give it a go so it can come in useful in all aspects of our lives.

The two hours flew by so quickly and I found it immensely relaxing, despite pretty much ending up with black hands from ink!

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 10

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 8

The Art of Modern Calligraphy 12

The workshop was brilliantly organised and I was amazed by the talent of Lyndsey and Erica– definitely something to aim for in years to come!

If you’re in the Plymouth area, they are putting on further workshops just like ours, or if you’re looking for a designer for quotes, prints or stationary (their wedding invites are stunning!) then they’re also on Not On The High Street.

*Some of the photos in this post are courtesy of Anon Design and Mrs Jutson Photography with their permissions*