I’m a…

I’ve literally just noticed that this is my 200th post!

Kinda fitting for what I was going to write about today too. We were funnily enough discussing dating sites and apps recently at the hen do I went to, and how to best describe yourself in such a short number of characters. That then got me thinking, even with more characters, how do you define who you are?

With so many overtly social forms of media, can you really get a grasp of the real you from what people, strangers, can see online?

Even with blogging, which I believe is quite a natural and honest form of media, do you really know who I am and what my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes are? Or is it so curated that I’m only showing you the rose-tinted good bits, or the things I’m proud of. I could be an absolute bitch for all you know.

When we write things about ourselves, I guess we go with what we identify with. But do you identify yourself with your job? Or your status as a friend, parent, sister or partner?

I can totally see that depending on the situation, we would all identify differently. For instance, at work, I’d introduce myself completely differently to how perhaps I’d meet a friend of a friend. Most especially, unless I’m at a specific blogger meet up or event, I’ve noticed I very rarely identify as a blogger. Strange really, seeing as it’s a huge part of my life and something I pour a lot of time, thought and dedication into.  Equally even on here, since I started whilst working full time in my graduate job, I don’t feel I’ve ever even touched on who I was at university, or what I did before then. Some of the best things I’ve ever achieved or experienced happened before Wooden Window Sills was even a concept I’d considered, yet though they have built and defined who I am as a person, you perhaps have no idea.

I find it funny that so many bloggers keep their actual full time jobs secret when they’re writing online. Understandable if you aren’t going to be able to resist unleashing fury on your bosses, but what if you love your job? We spend so many hours at work (in fact more awake there than anywhere else really…) yet if you met someone new for the first time, would you tell them what your career is in, how you’re connected or something else?

The thing I love so much about other bloggers is the insight into other people’s lives. The escapism from reading novels is exactly the same when scanning over someones latest post. We live in a world of voyeurism, but people fascinate me. Getting to know people fascinates me.

Therefore, without too much in depth thought, I’ve written a list of some of the things I thought might interest you about the blogger behind this blog and perhaps just a handful of the titles I’d give myself if I were introduced to someone new.

I’m a…Blogger

This one is blinking obvious right? Well, if you managed to get here to read this, I’d be surprised if you haven’t guessed. Still, I started my blog in March 2015 as a means to inject a little more creativity into my life. Since then, I’ve written about all the little things that bring me joy – food, adventures, home, DIYs, lifestyle, photography, books and other blogs. I rarely open up a conversation with “Hi, I’m Alice and I’m a blogger”, partly because you sound a bit like an idiot if you say it in those words exactly, but partly because I don’t know quite what people’s reactions will be. Do they get blogging, or do they think it’s self indulgent twoddle? If the conversation goes into what I enjoy, it will often come up eventually, but it’s not usually the opening line.

However, when it came to the likes of attending more meet ups, blog events and awards such as the bloggers blog awards, I knew it had got serious when I’d found myself ordering business cards, and a personalised iPad case to match. Telling someone you’re a blogger usually sparks a lot of interesting questions too, so I am always happy to discuss it, if and when the opportunity arises.



I’m an…Environmental Consultant

This is perhaps something I talk less about on here, keeping work and personal life separated. However, it may interest you to know (or it may very well not at all) that I spend Monday to Friday 8.30-5.30 in a little converted barn in the middle of the Somerset countryside being an Environmental Consultant.

But what is that, I hear you ask?

It’s a small private business which delivers projects in water, waste and energy. Split into three sectors – Planning and Development (think, planning applications for renewables, flood risk assessments, environmental impact, sustainable development…), Carbon and Energy (Feasibility studies, financial due diligence and carbon accounting and compliance for other organisations) and Environmental Management (your typical “geography” stuff like soil and silt sampling, composting and permitting). I’ve worked there for 2.5 years now and really love how many opportunities it’s given me to try out all sorts of different projects.


I’m a…Project Coordinator

The other half of my job is working for our sister company, who design and manufacture small scale anaerobic digestion systems. In a nutshell it’s basically composting in hot liquid without any oxygen, which generates biogas that can be run through a hot water boiler or engine to create renewable energy. I work closely with my boss and his wife on all parts of the business and do all sorts of tasks. Talking through new enquiries, doing research, operating and coordinating trials on new feedstock, writing feasibility studies, marketing and social media…the list goes on. In the office, they joke that it usually involves me being up to my armpits in shit. It’s not far off that…


I’m a…Geographer

As you may well have guessed from the above, I’m also a geographer. I always loved geography and chose to study BSc Geography with Environmental Management at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall campus. I love the outdoors, and the complex entwined relationship between human and physical geography, so studying such a fascinating subject in such a beautiful place was incredible. I am so grateful that I got a job in something so closely linked to my degree, that is now so applicable.


I’m a…Rower

One of the things I loved most at university was gig rowing. Similar to other rowing, it’s on static seats, in big wooden boats weighing about half a tonne each and you row on the sea. Cue three years of intense training, pretty impressive biceps and some very seasick hungover sessions and I was lucky enough to compete in the world championships twice, and win a GBUK Sports award for taking part in Sportivate – an Olympic legacy program getting young people into sport. Hence the hilariously cheesy slow mo video the BBC came and filmed below!


I’m a…Baker

I’ve always loved baking and cooking, but especially since becoming a blogger, I’d be far more likely to introduce myself as a baker. Greatly helped by taking part in two years of The Bake Off Bake Along, I think one of my biggest joys in life definitely revolves around food. Perhaps the reason I love cooking so much is purely down to the fact I love eating?!


I’m a…Traveller

Well, I like to be whenever I can. If I had unlimited money I’d definitely travel the globe and there are so many places on my bucket list. I’ve always tried to embrace travel as much as possible, whether that’s the 6 week volunteering expedition I did in India during my gap yah, family holidays to some pretty awesome places, my university exploration of the West Coast of the US or simply travelling around as many beautiful places in the UK as possible. Currently saving every penny for our new house is squashing my wanderlust, but I am so excited to spend my life going forward experiencing new cultures and places.


I really could go on, there are so many categories I feel I could slot myself into, but it’s definitely got me thinking about how we define ourselves, and whether those definitions truly represent who we are, or hope to be?

How would you describe who you are to a stranger?



**Some of the items in this post have been sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own**