What would Hannah Gale do?



I’m not a fashion blogger, nor have I ever pretended to be. However, I do still enjoy fashion and when I browse over the likes of my top favourite bloggers (*ahem* Hannah Gale), I seriously admire their confidence and ease in front of the camera.

The thing is, I used to model a lot. In my teenage years, my boyfriend at the time was a photographer and we spent a lot of our time on shoots, scouting out locations or trying new techniques and I loved it.

A good 6 years later (and approx 2 stone heavier, awks), I get a bit jittery and awkward in front of a proper camera. Partly because in my head I still imagine the person I used to be, and partly I suppose because I’m out of practice. I don’t think i could do it full time, especially as my budget doesn’t stretch to continuously keeping up with fashion. Literally the only thing I’m wearing in this shoot that is new to me is the beautiful rose gold necklace I received in the post last week. However, when Rachel from RJG Media needed bloggers to model some outfit posts, I signed myself up and thought the practice would do me some good. The only other time I’ve recently done this ended up involving a few hilarious outtakes on a quick shoot with Sleek Chic with some very dodgy posing on my part!




I guess with portraits of yourself, you’re going to be on to a winner as long as you are relaxed, comfortable and confident in your poses, willing to try out what works and what doesn’t. So when it came to me having my first proper shoot in years, I simple told myself, “What would Hannah Gale do?” For those not in the know, she’s a sassy, hilarious babe in her twenties just saying it as it is and giving us an insight into her life as a full time blogger in a mix of lists, cats, food, lifestyle and pretty damn insightful inspiration. She’s also pretty damn ace at fashion shoots and outfit photos. 

Channelling that in a photo shoot was no easy task.

Some of my favourite blogs for portraits are the likes of Take Courage, On Serpentine Shores and The Salty Sea Blog, who all effortlessly and beautifully produce amazing content. I knew that would be aiming pretty high for a first foray back onto the other side of the lense, so by trying it out a bit awkwardly on my own in front of the mirror, I guess I would just throw myself into it and try.


Turns out, I definitely can’t pull off the laughing face that Hannah does. Nor can I emulate Alex’s sultry pout, Sarah’s calm tranquil air or Cat’s effortless half smile. What I can do instead, is fully trust the photographer and follow instructions. Having someone tell you exactly where to put your arms, legs, hands, body, feet and face certainly makes it easier, and Rachel was fantastic. She made me feel so at ease and I actually really really enjoyed the experience.

In one of my favourite locations in Plymouth, with just the right balance of rock, sea and rusty railings, we battled the seriously bright sky and actually got some outfit photos I’m pretty proud of. Perhaps I should try channelling my inner Hannah Gale more often? Or maybe fashion blogging is actually less terrifying than I’d led myself to believe…

|  Dress – TU Clothing (old)  |  Coat – Boden (old)  |  Boots – Fatface (old)  |  Necklace* C/O – Browns Family Jewellers  |

| Sunglasses – M&S (old)  |  Watch – Shore Projects  | Bracelet – Hi Ho Silver (old)  |

** Some of the items in this post have been gifted, but all opinions are my own **