BaDOo’s and DON’Ts of Online Dating

When I joined online dating in 2013, it wasn’t anything like it is now.

Adam and I met online 5 years ago but it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to sign up, and even then it was before the influx of “swipe right” culture and still felt a little cringe.

It seems ironic now that on a weekend away celebrating our 5th anniversary, we end up discussing how by meeting when we did, we actually missed out on the world of dating apps and thoroughly exploring online dating.  I mean, he was the first person I messaged, and after chatting for a few weeks (amongst others), after that first date, the rest, as they say, was history.In 2018, if you’re single, there are so many options for finding love. Apps and websites have replaced lonely hearts ads, no longer trying your luck waiting to bump into a handsome stranger in the local pub.

If anything, these companies have invested so much more than just swiping on face value. Better verified profiles, options for seeing who has viewed you, and so much more than just likes and matches.

It has become bigger than dating.

For my singleton friends, I’ve found having a browse of their profiles fascinating. Many of the same rules I applied to my chosen dating website still apply now (good job my tastes haven’t changed that much ehh?)

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I would avoid anyone: topless; in a group on their main profile pic; without a witty caption; or those posing with beer cans. Come on guys, not the best first impression!

Then again, I may have just described you’re ideal drunk topless hunk, so if that floats your boat I guess it’s the joy of us all being different. With over 375 million users worldwide on apps like Badoo, there’s bound to be plenty to choose from.

Whilst it’s fun to have a look through other people’s profiles, the person I’m most invested in, is my brother Harry. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to mind having a second opinion, and whilst I don’t delve into the details, he mostly appreciates my opinion on his potential suitors.

Therefore, given the opportunity to set him up blind date style with a mystery local lady I could find online – now that could be fun!

I’ll give you some background on him (you know, just in case you’re single and interested…line up ladies…)

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He’s 24, tall, dark and handsome (by tall, I mean very tall at 6ft 4.5), incredibly witty and pretty damn creative. He’s a digital animator by trade, but is wonderfully skilful with a pen in his hand and went to university in Falmouth. Naturally, he therefore also loves the beach and animals and is charmingly hipster. Not that he’d use this as an opener, but he’s also vegan, which I’d say is pretty important in the grand scheme of finding someone to love.

I must say it’s a challenge to find a lady worthy of dating my little bro- a boy whose dating profile on occasions has read:

“Can fit a whole apple in my mouth”

“Never been to prison”

And, my personal favourite

“Got all of my own teeth”

Reluctantly, he handed over his phone and allowed me to swipe to my heart’s content. Unlike some other apps I’ve had a play with on other people’s phones, I liked the way Badoo shows your friends in common, allows women to request a selfie, and limits initial messages to two until the girl replies. No more cat fishing, or unwanted pestering. Simple solutions to the negatives of traditional online dating.

The girls I found matched Harry best were witty, clothed (same applies to women in my eyes – bikini or underwear photos are a big no-no) and had nice eyes and smiles with minimal makeup.

Slapping it on, turns him off.

The best were those who opened with a question or a funny one liner when they matched with him – or took the effort to comment on his specific photos or weird captions.

When I first joined online dating I wasn’t in it for playing games. Taking hours to respond, just so you don’t look too keen is just ridiculous. If you like someone, just chat and get to know them. That’s the fun of dating, the thrill of finding things you both have in common and the flirting.

I very much noticed that when setting my brother up on a blind Badoo date, there were those who seemed genuine, and those who didn’t really care. Wanting him to have someone he would get on with face to face was a priority.

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Without being too weird, I allowed Harry to respond to each of the girl’s messages with the words he would have chosen. I didn’t want to lie to them.

However, the twist was that he couldn’t see any of them and I could pick one that he could go on a date with. It was fun, and we both enjoyed the different take on using the app.

Who knows…maybe his date next week with the lovely and beautiful Sophie could lead to something more…



***This post was in collaboration with a brand, but as ever, all opinions are my own***