3 Lush Products I’ve Been Trialling

I’m a long time lover of Lush Cosmetics.

For as long as I remember I’ve been drawn into the heady scent drifting down the high street, and lured in by the temptation of their bath bombs and face masks. No matter which store you enter you can guaranteed to be welcomed by a smiling staff member who seriously knows their stuff about the products, and probably uses many of them every day themselves. How many stores can you actually say do that?

I don’t need to wax lyrical about their commitment to animal cruelty free and environmental sustainability, the likelihood is if you’re reading this you are already aware how far they go to reduce plastic waste, and protect the world.

Therefore, as I was in the mood for branching out beyond my all time favourites, I thought I’d go in with an open mind to trying something new. Naturally, I actually came out with 3 new Lush products, and a couple of repeat purchases. I just couldn’t resist.

Wooden Window Sills 3 Lush Cosmetics Products I've Been Trialling Yuge

1. Yuge Hot Oil Hair Treatment

The process of Yuge was fun – mixing the stick into boiling water and slowly slowly transforming it into a thick treatment to slather onto dry hair. The whole thing has also lasted me three sessions, as well as giving Adam a go too, with a little left to spare. I’m glad it lasts a while! If I’m honest, of the three Lush products, this is my least favourite, but that may be because I already have pretty thick hair, so I didn’t notice any extra thickness, and I don’t love the slightly minty smell as much as I love other scents that Lush do. However, it does undeniably give you a good condition, and I enjoyed the process and how long it has lasted.


Wooden Window Sills 3 Lush Cosmetics Products I've Been Trialling Jason and the Argan Oil

2. Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

This hair product, on the other hand, is the opposite. I can’t get enough of the smell! I’ve loved shampoo bars ever since I went on my gap yah to India, mostly because they freed up space, and avoided the inevitable shampoo + luggage = disaster. Usually sticking to the other tried and tested bars, this was a new discovery for me, and boy do I love it. The scent is incredible, it lathers beautifully, and leaves my hair feeling fresh and shiny. Definitely one I’ll be buying again and again and again!


Wooden Window Sills 3 Lush Cosmetics Products I've Been Trialling Sleepy

3. Sleepy Moisturiser

If any Lush product had had more hype in 2017 I’ll be amazed. I’m definitely not one to usually jump on the bandwagon, but with this I was so keen to try it. I love that it’s not too lavendary, but gently sweet and subtle. I’m lucky that I sleep pretty well anyway, but each night I’ve smothered my arms chest and neck in this I have woken up feeling refreshed. I now keep the pot by my bedside to remind me to complete my wind down routine before my head hits the pillow!

Overall I’m chuffed with my Lush purchases, and will be adding most of them to my usual repertoire. I have given each of them a good test out, having bought them  way back when in November, with the intention of posting only when I’d seen a fair trial. Nothing worse than a blogger recommending a product that they’ve used once. Next time I’m in town, I’ll be heading back to Lush and maybe even giving a few other products a whirl in the hope of finding yet more favourites!