Summer Bucket List

20 days holiday really doesn’t extend very far once you’ve taken into account the other 231  I’ll spend working the rest of the year! Planning how best to spend those precious hours of freedom is quite difficult – especially on a budget, trying to fit around spending my weekends in Plymouth and needing time to  do all the DIY projects to the flat we want to achieve. Therefore, I’ve come up with a summer bucket list of all the lovely things I want to get done in the next few months, and all the places I’m hoping to visit. If I manage to get everything done, I’m set for a great summer, now bring on the sunshine!

  1. Fix the sail on the yacht and sail from Plymouth to Lands End
  2. Deck the garden, build a shed and plant tonnes of pot plants filled with flowers
  3. Visit Sally in Birmingham
  4. Grow my own vegetables
  5. Visit my grandma more
  6. Do more exercise outdoors
  7. Poland with my brother and grandparents
  8. Cycle the Plym Valley Railway (and take a camera this time!)
  9. Reunion weekend with university friends camping in yurts
  10. Throw Katie an amazing hen party
  11. Have a day out around the inside of Saltram House and have a picnic in the gardens
  12. Re-tile the bathroom
  13. Spend the weekend at home with my family
  14. eBay my huge bag of clothes
  15. Learn a new skill (no idea what this one could be yet!)
  16. Go to Harry Potter World (it’s been on my wishlist every Christmas and Birthday since it opened!)
  17. Host an al-fresco dinner party on a sunny evening
  18. Weekend in Falmouth + Electric Beach Festival
  19. Go abroad with Adam. Requirements: great food, cheap flights, lots of sun
  20. Have high tea somewhere fancy
  21. Do yoga at lunchtimes on the grass outside
  22. Practice my violin again after years of not touching it (all my grandparents will be so happy!)
  23. Go to London and catch up with everyone I haven’t seen for ages!
  24. Give up refined sugar for 4 separate weeks (1 week is just about bearable at a time)
  25. Bake successful macaroons (past experience = this one is tricky!)

Have you made plans for your summer yet?