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Frances is my latest musical obsession. Having sprung out of nowhere onto the Radio 1 Live Lounge on Monday, performing her own single “Grow”, along with a spine tingling cover of Justin Bieber’s latest “What do you mean?”, everyone that listened sat in awe of her incredible voice.

Since hearing that, I was determined to find out more, assuming that I’d missed the band wagon but instead realising that this really was her big break and before long she’d almost certainly become a household name.


Frances (full name Sophie Frances Cooke), is a 21-year old singer from Berkshire who writes and co-produces all her own music alongside big names such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich and RITUAL, recording in some top studios.

Inspired by the likes of Coldplay, Aqualung, Sia and Carole King, her songs are a collection of powerful vocals and beautiful lyrics, accompanied by her own piano parts and soft synth and guitar. Since scouring the internet for anything else I could find out about her, it’s not just her singles that inspire – she genuinely seems like a lovely person who just loves making music (plus she has a FANTASTIC mane of hair!).


Something tells me the hype surrounding Frances isn’t going to slow down any time soon and her tour dates across the UK during September and October are likely to be snapped up, so if you fancy visiting a quirky venue and hearing some breathtaking live music, get your tickets soon!


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