2 Years of Blogging (+ GIVEAWAY)

Wooden Window Sills 2 Years of Blogging and Giveaway 1

I’ve been blogging for 2 YEARS!

Can you believe it?

Wooden Window Sills, in all it’s shining -food, lifestyle and adventuring- glory, has been live and kicking for a whole 2 years! Happy blog Anniversary to me!

Wooden Window Sills 2 Years of Blogging and Giveaway 4

I’m actually really chuffed I’ve stuck at it, and got so much out of it – I never would have guessed how many hours it would take to photograph, edit and write posts, but nor would I have thought I’d enjoy the process as much as I have. I started blogging because I loved to read other people’s blog posts, and that really hasn’t changed!

I’ve met some absolutely wonderful blogging friends who all share this common interest of sharing a little piece of our lives on the internet, I’m learning to improve my photography, I’ve learnt about branding and coding and social media, I even gave in and signed up to Twitter! I totally understand, some people get why people write a blog, some don’t, but hey, that’s the spice of life isn’t it?!

If you haven’t ever explored back into the archives, my first ever post is here, as we explored Clovelly in North Devon to celebrate spending 730 days together as a couple. It’s mad to think we’ve doubled that time together and since then I’ve posted another 222 times, covering everything and anything to do with food, lifestyle, adventures, books and blogs!

Wooden Window Sills 2 Years of Blogging and Giveaway 2

It you fancy a nose, my top three posts so far have been:

  • How I came to meet A. Husband – the charming story of my hilariously awkward first date with Adam
  • I’m a… – A thought piece on whether our job, family and friends, or hobbies and interests reflect how we define who we are
  • Timothy Pricklepin – possible the cutest photoshoot I’ve ever done, featuring Timmy, my brother’s pygmy hedgehog.

If you’ve been here from the very beginning or if you’ve only just been lured in by the giveaway, thank you. Thank you for being here and supporting me, and for all the comments and messages and conversations that have been sparked as a result of the ramblings and musings I’ve written. It still amazes me that even one person actually sits and reads the things I have to say.

Wooden Window Sills 2 Years of Blogging and Giveaway3

As has become a glorious tradition, to mark the celebration of 2 years, I’m running another giveaway to win some delicious homemade cake (or biscuits or brownies or macarons or tarts or bread…) of your choice, either delivered lovingly by hand to your doorstep if you live close enough, or packaged neatly and safely into a box to post to you. (For this reason I’m afraid it’s only open to UK residents.)

Why cake you ask?

Well I love a bit of baking (did the Bake Off Bake Along in 2015 and 2016 not give that away?!) and who wouldn’t like to receive something hand baked in the post – plus the choice of type and flavour is entirely up to you! The competition is open to EVERYONE, so feel free to tick off as many off the list below to better your chances. The closing date is my 25th birthday – 11 April 2017 *hint hint* and I’ll get in touch with the winner to discuss all things bakey one they’ve been randomly selected. Good Luck!

To inspire you, this was the fatless sponge cake I made for the winner Ellie last year…

Wooden Window Sills 2 Years of Blogging and Giveaway 5

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  • Congrats to you! What an achievement

    • Thanks Rosie, I’m really chuffed to have reached this milestone! xxx

  • Great Post lovely! Gorgeous photos – love your outfit! The brogues are really gorgeous!
    Well done on two years!!

    Holly xxx >>> ME http://www.mrshollycrocker.com/

    • Thank you! I actually thought about your lovely full skirt post when I put it on that morning! The brogues are one of those pairs of shoes you’ve had for YEARS but I’ve had to slow down wearing them as the soles are getting thin! xxx

  • Abi Street

    This is a lovely little reflection on your past two years! You look so happy in the photos x

    Abi | abistreetx

    • Thanks Abi, it was a funny shoot with one of my colleagues because it was so windy I could barely keep the balloon still! xxx

  • Alice Dilliway

    I’ve loved reading your blog over the past two years Ali. It never ceases to make me smile! Amazing achievement ❤

    • Thank you my love, I still find it funny to think that the people who know me the best in real life actually read it as well, but your support is so appreciated!! :) xxxx

  • I think I must have been here since the beginning!! Two years – that’s awesome!

  • AboutKari (Karolina)

    Congrats on two years! Been reading your blog for little more then I year and I can see how much you have grown. Here’s to another one! :)

    • Wow thanks Karolina! That’s so lovely that you keep coming back to read it, such a compliment! xxxx

  • Congratulations xx

    • Thanks so much lovely! You’ve supported me since the beginning so I’m so grateful! xxx

  • Happy bloggiversary, it’s a HUGE commitment this blogging lark and therefore so very important to celebrate the milestones.
    Raising a slice of cake to you and Wooden Windowsills m’lady, bloody well done.
    M x

    • Thank you Michelle, yours was one of the first blogs I followed so I’m really pleased to still be here! xxx

  • I can’t believe your first post was about Clovelly! I live 10 minutes down the road from there. Such a small world! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • How funny! I don’t actually live that far from North Devon at all :) xxx

      • If youre ever in the area it’d be good to meet up! There is an amazing tea-room in Westward Ho! xx

        • That would be so lovely!! I’ll definitely bear in in mind when I’m in your neck of the woods! Are there many north Devon bloggers? Xx

          • Not that I have come across! I have met a fellow Devon blogger though, Michelle from LifeOutsideof London is lovely! xx

            • Ahh amazing! I’d love to meet her, she’s so lovely online, I can imagine its the same in real life!! xxx

  • Happy blogiversary! You should be so proud! (I love your skirt by the way!) xx

    • Thank you so much, you’ve been literally my #1 fan the whole time I’ve been writing here so I’m very grateful to you specifically! (The skirt is from New Look last summer by the way! 😉 ) xxxx

  • Congratulations on 2 years!! I love these photos :) so cute xx

    • You should have seen the outtakes! Lots of silly faces as the wind tried to whip the balloon away from me!! Xxx

  • amelia may

    It’s such a lovely blog you have. Warmest congratulations. Xxx Ps. I love the pictures of you too. Your outfit is SO lovely. Xx
    Best wishes ~

    Keep calm and Start Writing ~

  • I actually just found your blog (through a comment on another blog) thought it seemed really cute and decided to ‘nose’ around. Really liked the “I AM” post :) I’m going to take part of this giveaway, I’m completely new to your blog but I hope that’s alright :) If I win I’d want the cake to be sent to my boyfriend’s place as he loves cake and it would surprise him haha 😀

    And on a final note: Congratulations!! x

    – LeahSephira

    • Hello! Thank you for coming on over, of course you can enter, its open to everyone and if you’re brand new then fab! I often find blogs from comments other people have left, and if I read a post and engage with it I’ll always comment as I think its showing support to that blogger and its only nice to write something to continue the conversation! Do you have a blog yourself? Xxx

      • Hi!
        Me too, about the finding blogs through comment part :) Yes, I have a blog at http://www.sephira.dk/ I blog about life and a lot about movies 😀 I’m quite the movie and tvshow ‘nerd’. I also talk about beauty, and other bits and bobs.


        • Oooooh I’ve just managed to have a look and it’s fab, really love the layout! xxx

  • Victoria Prince

    Happy 2nd Blogging Birthday! A great achievement, I hope you continue for many more :)

    • Me too Victoria, it’s such an achievement, and I love that I’ve found a hobby I enjoy so much! xxxx

  • Yay! To so many more years of blogging! 😀 xx