The Closest Beach to Home

An evening with my brother 10 - Copy

I won’t lie, Exmouth isn’t my favourite beach in the world.

An evening with my brother 15 - Copy

However, it’s also a lot nicer than some of the beaches around the world. It’s also conveniently the closest beach to home.

Therefore, despite the gritty sand, mildly chavvy town and super strong estuary currents, we actually used to visit quite a lot.

Trips to the beach with our friends before any of us could drive meant getting on the train down to Exmouth beach and hanging out, feeling super grown up and independent. Munching on vinegary chips and melty ice creams. Attempting to “tan” and coming home like a lobster. You know the drill as a 16 year old.

Once we had our own cars, Exmouth no longer had the same attraction, and instead we’d go a little further up to the north Devon coast instead, so I hadn’t actually been to this beach in quite a while. When I was asked if I fancied an evening of jazz, pizza and prosecco with a view of the sea however, it wasn’t something I’d be likely to turn down. As a nice change, I also had the opportunity to take a +1, and as I was at home, I asked my brother Harry if he fancied coming.

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We actually arrived really late. Embarrassingly late.

Firstly, because I don’t finish work until after 5.30pm (it started at 6pm, over an hour away) but also because we were seriously stuck in traffic. Traffic which turned out was caused by all three sets of traffic lights in different directions being permanently stuck on red. The occasional people who realised were then just sensibly driving through, but both old ladies in the lanes in from of us simply refused to break the law and caused havoc on the roads!

An evening with my brother 14 - Copy

An evening with my brother 9 - Copy

An evening with my brother 5 - Copy

An evening with my brother 13 - Copy

An evening with my brother 3 - Copy

An evening with my brother 7 - Copy

An evening with my brother 19 - Copy

An evening with my brother 2 - Copy

When we finally did arrive at Ocean Exmouth, we were greeted by a lovely bunch of fellow Devon bloggers all finishing off a game of bowling, which was shortly followed by the world’s most pizzas, sweet potato fries and Prosecco. Seriously delicious! An evening of jazz ensued, with a great band and some very keen dancers in the audience. The doors were flung wide open as the evening was incredibly warm, which meant even as the sun was going down, Harry and I had the chance to have a stroll along the shoreline.

An evening with my brother 25 - Copy

An evening with my brother 26

An evening with my brother 23 - Copy

An evening with my brother 20

An evening with my brother 22 - Copy

The sunset was amazing that night and it was a lot of fun doing a shoot with my brother for a change. It’s not often you get to hang out with your siblings, especially allowing them to enjoy some free food and bubbles (even better was the fact that Ocean accommodated Harry’s vegan diet and made him his very own special pizza!). It makes you realise that time with them is actually pretty rare and precious, and we should make the most of it and appreciate it as much as we can.

An evening with my brother 21 - Copy

An evening with my brother 12 - Copy

An evening with my brother 18 - Copy

An evening with my brother 1 - Copy


***We were guests for an evening at Ocean Exmouth, but all opinions are my own***

  • Oh my gosh it looks beautiful! Our closest beach is ..not great. I’ll just pretend St Andrews is the closest one haha

    • It’s certainly nicer in the evening when the chavs have gone home! I was spoilt for choice in Cornwall so Exmouth isn’t my favourite, but it’s nice to have a beach less than half an hour away! xxx

      • Briana

        Calling this town “chavvy” and describing the locals as “chavs” is extremely insulting and rude. Maybe you should think more carefully about what you post and consider that everyone is a human being.

        • I’m sorry that you took offence Briana, it was not directed at anyone in particular, just observing a general opinion of the area. Each to their own opinion ehh?

  • Oh wow that really is the most beautiful sunset! So glad you had a lovely night (when you finally got there!)

    • We were SO lucky to have such a beautiful evening, I couldn’t help taking a million photos of it! Though if I’m honest, even with all the huge sliding doors open at Ocean, it was still really really warm! xxx

  • How cute is your brother?? I would love to take my brother as a +1 to events if he lived nearby – that is so sweet of you. The sky in your photos looks like cotton candy!! (Btw, I’ve just signed myself up to email alerts when you publish a new post so I stop missing them!!!) xo

    • Haha he’ll love that you said that! 😉 I loved your post on siblings the other day, it was so heartfelt! I also am signed up to yours so I now get all of your posts straight into my inbox! 😀 Though I’ve just checked and for some reason I don’t think any of my last 3 posts are appearing, going to delve into WordPress and find out what’s wrong! xxx

  • This looks like such a happy place!

  • Gorgeous sunset! I don’t know if this sounds stupid but I would NEVER have guessed that the second photo was Exmouth, I’ve only been there once so dont know it well but the photo looks like it could be abroad! Completely agree about time with your siblings too – I love it when I get to hang out with my brother and sister, especially now my brother lives a few hours away. Never would have expected myself to miss them when I was younger haha. Sounds like a lovely night xxx

    • I know!! Not necessarily reminiscent of Exmouth as it usually looks (I give it a tough rep but I guess its not that bad!) we were just so lucky with the sunset! It’s amazing how much you appreciate your siblings when you’re all adults! xxx