My Favourite Blogs #6: Tea In Your Twenties

Today I have an extra special treat for you…in the form of a fantastic Q&A with Stephie from Tea In Your Twenties! TIYT has been one of the blogs I’ve read forever, and I absolutely adore her positivity, energy and conversational blogging style. She’s such a great blogging friend to have, and I love following along with her life. Expect lots of drama (as in, actual drama as she is a theatre programmer!), gorgeous photos, and open and honest posts covering everything from travel to tea (of course) and a reasonably recent introduction to one particular handsome young man! However, rather than me wittering on, let her introduce herself!

Q&A-Tea-In-Your-Twenties-11. How would you sum up your blog
My blog is where I go when I’ve been mulling something over and want to get it out there, and chat about it. I hope it feels when you’re reading it like you’re having a conversation with a friend. I always label it as lifestyle, because that is the one that seems most fitting. A bit like an open diary I guess, where I document what’s happening in my life, the things I’ve been thinking about, and the places I’ve been.

2. Where do you dream of seeing yourself in 5 years time (career and general life)?

I did have a 5 year plan, but those years seem to be whizzing by so quickly! I hope that in the next 5 years, I will have completed the project I’m currently working on, will have written a new show and have completed a professional tour with it. I worry much less about timelines these days, I’ve learnt recently that exciting projects will suddenly happen out of the blue, and you need to jump on them and learn as much as you can.

I think about my 5 year general life plan even less, but I hope I’ll be as happy as I am now, will have learnt to drive, and be filling my free time with friends and family. and hopefully blogging, but I will have turned 30 by that point, so will have to come up with a new title!

3. You’ve recently started a new relationship with your gorgeous “young man”, what’s your favourite thing about him?

Ooooo personal question! I read this out to him and he said ‘mi’face’ so I guess I will have to go with that and just how genuinely good a person he is, not just to me but as a person in general.


4. Describe your ultimate meal (starter, main and pud)?
Ok, this is where I wrestle with do I be a good vegan or not…

I would have to say for a starter something simple like Bruschetta, I like to save room for the other two courses but I’m a sucker for bread.

My main would have to be a thai green curry with tofu.

And to finish off, sticky toffee pudding, with ice cream, delicious in both vegan and none vegan form!

5. If you were a vegetable what would you be and why?

A sweet potato, because I essentially live off them, and I think that while I can be pretty serious and grown up like a traditional root veg, I’m a bit daft and have a sweet edge.

6. Name the book/s that have had most impact on your life?

Kazou Ishigurou – Never Let Me Go, This book has stuck with me from A Level, and is one I go back and read again and again. Some people find it very sad, but I think there is something incredibly life affirming about it. I don’t know how it has specifically impacted me, but I imagine it has in many ways, from my writing to the way I view the world.

When God Was a  Rabbit – When I was recommending books to a friend of mine who helps me make theatre, he looked at the list, and then said ‘Now I see why you make the theatre you do’ I love books about the intricacies of peoples lives, especially ones that dive into memories, and this was the book that started that love for me.
All of the books by Rholad Dhal – because without them I would have been a very bored, and probably lonely child, and I don’t think I’d have half the imagination I have now, or even be the person I am now, if it wasn’t for stories like Matilda.
7. In a film about your life, what would three of the tracks on the soundtrack be and why?
  • Taylor Swift – Shake it Off – I imagine there would be some scene where I’ve been terribly emotional about one thing or another, and I play this, probably in pyjammas, hopefully with my best friend, and shake it off.
  •  Any song from Maroon 5 ‘Songs About Jane’ because I was just that deep and misunderstood a teenager.
  • ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ from Grease, because I sung it when I was about 7 at Karaoke, and I was really good, but haven’t been able to hit a single note since, and because I always wanted to grow up and play Sandy, luckily I’ve grown out of that a bit, although I do love a 50s skirt.
8. If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Teleportation, because I want to travel the world, and see everything, but time and money are so limiting. If I could just *pop* to Barcelona for a Saturday, or *pop* somewhere exotic that slightly scares me at least I could *pop* right back again if I didn’t like it.

9. What’s your go-to interesting fact about yourself?

Eeep, this is where I doubt how interesting I am! I don’t know if it is interesting but the fact I always use in ice-breaker games is that I once served Vic Reeves Fish and Chips.


10. Name three countries you haven’t been to yet on your travel bucket list and why you’d like to visit them?

Germany – specifically Berlin – mainly because it’s one of the major European cities I’ve not been to, and whenever I speak to some one who has been they keep telling me to go.
I’m not sure if this counts, because I have already been to America, but I’ve never been to New York, and I’d love to go and just soak it all up. I’m not that fussed about doing touristy things, I like to go to places and spend at least one day just wandering around like a local might do on their day off (ie. drinking lots of coffee).

*Some where more exotic* OK this comes back to my teleportation thing. I want to go somewhere more exotic like Thailand or Japan, but part of me is just a little bit scared of the culture shock, and whether or not I would actually enjoy it. Which then makes me question spending so much money going, even though I know that not liking somewhere is equally as valuable an experience!

11. What would your patronus memory be? (if you haven’t read Harry Potter – it’s the moment in your life when you’ve felt happiest)

Wow! I’m not sure I can pick out my single happiest moment ever. Maybe that means it is yet to come? Nothing gives me quite the same adrenaline, and rush as performing does, especially if it has gone well, and the audience are nice, so maybe something theatrical? Like an operatic goat or something?

12. Of all the posts you’ve written, which are your favourites? 

I think my favourite posts to write are my Morning Monday ones, they really get me in the right mindset for the rest of the week, and if I’m ever not feeling too cheery come Monday then I always look back at old posts. I also loved documenting my trip across Europe last year.

13. Which are your favourite blogs that you read regularly?

I have been reading Daydreams of Summertime, for as long as I have been a dedicated blogger, plus me and Sarah now meet up for tea when we can, so reading her posts feels a bit like having a pen pal. I also love Muted Mornings by Mimmi, and I’m always inspired by just how much get up and go Holly has at A Branch of Holly, again I have tea with her too, and she is just as motivated as she seems on her blog. Oh and Wooden Window Sills of Course!


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