Mustard and Grey

I’m slowly getting better at Pinterest.

I’ve recently been enjoying seeing the way other people pin things they love, and building up my own boards. I find that it’s got so many features I tend to currently stick to my homepage and pin anything I like the look of. Unless i’m looking for something specific, I find it’s more of a procrastination tool for inspiration and beautiful things. I’d love to learn how to use it better as a blogger (and just in general), as so many out there swear by it as their #1 social media tool. Maybe I just need to read a few articles on how to use it “properly”. If you’ve got any advice, please do help a girl out in the comments!

I digress…

As we’ve been renovating nearly every room over the past year (including the garden), Pinterest has provided a lot of inspiration and as I pin away, I can see trends emerging for each board. In the living room, the general theme I seem to be drawn to again and again is mustard and grey (maybe with a little splash of teal in there occasionally too).

In essence, this mood board sums up everything I want from a living room. Light, airy and fresh, with calming grey features, pops of mustard yellow in geometric prints and a fair amount of wood.

Most images were taken from my Pinterest and are in order from top left to bottom right:

*This was a collaborative post, but as ever, all featured items were chosen by me!