Into-the-blue-16Into-the-blue-11Into-the-blue-9Into-the-blue-15Into-the-blue-12Into-the-blue-17Into-the-blue-18Into-the-blue-4Into-the-blue-10Into-the-blue-8Into-the-blue-19Into-the-blue-7Into-the-blue-5Into-the-blue-2Into-the-blue-14Into-the-blue-3Into-the-blue-13Into-the-blue-6A few months ago, Adam and I took the week off work and it was our last day, we’d decided to head along the south Devon coast to Salcombe. A firm favourite for a lot of my friends due to the fact it is surrounded by beautiful coastal walks and watersports, plus this sleepy seaside town also boasts as the birth place of Crew Clothing, Jack Wills and Quba Sails, so whilst it is small compared to many other seaside towns, it does have a lot going for it.

The day was a little overcast and promised of rain but we just about avoided it strolling from shop to shop, taking in the tiny streets and beautiful views across the blue water. The end of season brings a lovely sigh of relief to most coastal towns, as the majority of tourists head back home and the streets become accessible once more. With a pasty, ginger beer and fudge in hand, we contemplated life quietly whilst watching a lovely lab jumping in and out of the harbour for his ball. It was this morning that I had two separate pieces of really awful news involving wonderful people whose lives had been cut short far too early. Whilst I knew both a little, it was the effect on the people I’m close to that triggered emotion. I didn’t necessarily take it all in at the time but since then, this post has been in my drafts for quite a while as though the photos came out nicely, they are tinged around the edge with sadness.