One of those weeks…

This week has flown by in a tiring blurry haze if I’m honest. I haven’t got home before 10.30pm on any evening and so it’s felt as though I’ve spent every day in the same pattern- wake up, go to work, go somewhere straight from work, get home late, go to bed…

I’ve also been super busy at work which means I haven’t had my lunchtimes for jotting down blog ideas or finishing up posts so I’m behind schedule, something that stresses me out more than it should (why oh why do I not pre-plan more posts and schedule them in advance?!)

However, that’s not to say I haven’t been really busy doing some really great things including:

  • Wakeboarding (or attempting to wakeboard!!) off the back of Adam’s Dad’s jet ski, and consequently spending the rest of the week with aching muscles!
  • Dinner in the most local of local pubs with some of my best friends and catching up properly with lots of laughter, wedding chats and pudding
  • Refusing to let my colleague spend his birthday evening in an empty house and picking up a Nando’s takeaway, some beer and some ice cream on my way back from my HIIT class and celebrating his birthday feasting ourselves with another of our friends.
  • Visiting one of my weirdest (self diagnosed!) and funniest friends and her gorgeous 8 month old baby who has suddenly turned into an actual little person rather than just a baby. He has such an addictive personality and the most expressive face ever (though she didn’t appreciate me pointing out that he is definitely ginger!)

So this week has been rather manic, involving many miles traveling around with my boss, and hundreds of emails, all seemingly with different issues for me to sort, but I definitely can’t complain! The weekend will hopefully bring some chill time where I can read my book in bed, buy some new pots to put some plants in, work out which photos I want to get printed for our gallery wall, blog away to my hearts content and finally get around to selling some of my mountain of clothes on ebay!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have some fab plans for the weekend! xxx