Truffle Heaven

I’ve long been a fan of Monty Bojangles truffles, ever since I snaffled one from a box of Cookie Moon whilst babysitting at a posh family friends house. I think they are possibly my favourite ever truffle and even someone with a sweet tooth like myself, sometimes I find that truffles can be a little too sickly. The magical chefs at MB’s seem to have found the perfect combination between rich cocoa and sweet treat as these are the perfect size and just the right balance between bitter sweet dark chocolate.truffle-heaven-monty-bojangles-banner

Having tried the cookie moon, choccy scoffy and berry bubbly varieties I was so excited when a box of their flutter scotch flavour arrived on my doorstep*!

Curiously moreish intensely chocolatey French luxury truffles packed with creamy butterscotch pieces and a hint of sea salt finished with a generous dusting of exquisite bitter-sweet cocoa. Truly your heart will flutter with every mouthful!

And it did…flutter, flutter flutter…(well, more like nom, nom nom…!)

These truffles still have the balance of dark sweetness which is great as I expected the butterscotch to make them more sickly than the other varieties. The truffle is smooth and melts in your mouth with the added crunch of butterscotch and sea salt pieces.


I also absolutely adore their packaging! Recently rebranded by Springetts, their fresh, vibrant colours really stand out on the shelf and their quirky Victorian etchings, botanical drawings and hand-painted illustrations of animals  plants, balloons and mythical creatures is quite Alice in Wonderland-esque. No wonder they’ve recently won an award for the designs – never have I received a box of chocolate truffles and got distracted by the box before I’ve even tried one!truffle-heaven-monty-bojangles-truffles-box-background

If you’ve never had the pleasure of one of these moreish mouthfuls, you need to. I’m pretty sure you can get them in most supermarkets for around £4 a box, but they also sell all 6 varieties online (and lots of other different types of sweets…they do sweets??!!). After the fluttery deliciousness of my current box, I’m seriously tempted to try the other mystery varieties such as orange angelical and scrumple nutty.

Three things you didn’t know about Monty Bojangles:

  1. Their preferred delivery method is by cannon,
  2. They have a permanent truffle bar in Reigate
  3. Who couldn’t love a company named after their pet cat?!truffle-heaven-monty-bojangles-bag-and-sidetruffle-heaven-monty-bojangles-design

If you want to see more or buy some for yourself, have a peek at their website HERE

*The Flutter Scotch Truffles were c/o Monty Bojangles but all the opinions are my own!