The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

Hello, remember me?!

She disappears off, and she comes back with a bang and a….crisp sandwich?!

Whilst you’ve been sat ferociously refreshing my homepage, I apologise for going AWOL. You see, it’s been a wee bit busy ’round these parts.

I did a big presentation at an industry show last week, haven’t had one single evening at home, and then to top it off, poor old Adam was struck down with pretty grim illness that left him in bed for 5 days comforted only by Netflix, Lucozade and a *possibly quite irritating* girlfriend that insisted on playing nurse, bleaching everything in sight, and trying to keep his energy up by feeding him small hearty meals when all he really wanted was sweets.


However, it got to Sunday night and he got dressed for the first time, hooray, and actually fancied eating some proper food. Funny how your body really craves what it needs, and in this case, it was crisps. Luckily for us, Burts had sent me the BIGGEST box of delicious potato chips in every flavour. Thanks guys, perfect timing!

The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 2

Though being the ultimate meany that I am, I couldn’t let Adam sit and gorge his way through just crisps for tea, so we bargained and settled on making the ultimate crisp sandwich. You know, to add a little bit of health in there somehow…

The only problem was, we couldn’t actually agree what the ultimate crisp sandwich would actually be.

There was one half of the argument that really fancied avo and chicken and salad…*ahem* no guesses for who that was…

Then the other half who wanted some sort of all day breakfast meaty monstrosity.

With dozens of packets of crisps before us, we agreed that the chicken sandwich would actually go really nicely with the chorizo crisps, and the sausage and bacon had enough pizzazz and would be paired with the old favourite, salt and crushed black peppercorns.

Plus, when you’re tasked with creating the ULTIMATE crisp sandwich, you can’t go throwing any old ingredients in there willy nilly from the back of your fridge. This is serious business.

1. Rosemary Chicken, Avocado and Chorizo Crisp Sandwich




Oooh look at that fancy gif, I made it myself you know! I wish I’d taken a behind the scenes shot of the set up. Devastation, I can tell you!

Firstly, start with your tasty bread.

This is the Morrison’s Wheat Spelt and Rye bread, and it was perfect. I took the stubby ends home and we ate them with houmous and olive oil and balsamic. Oh mumma.

Top Tip: Toast the bread under the grill on one side slightly, it’ll keep your sandwich together better.


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 7


Mayo, Avo, Chorizo

Slather on a good dollop of mayo, followed by some freshly cut avocado slices and lightly grilled chorizo. When they’re warmed and a little bit crispy, that’s how you want it.


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 3


Rosemary Grilled Chicken, Babyleaf Salad and Chorizo Crisps

In a hot skillet, dry fry your chicken breast with a generous helping of rosemary sprinkled on the top. When cooked, slice up artily and layer on top, because every sandwich should have a whole chicken breast! To add colour and a bit of health, maybe throw on some babyleaf salad, followed by the best bit, the crisps. Layer up a handful of Chorizo crisps on top because what would a crisps sandwich be without crisps?!


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 4


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 10


2. Sausage and Bacon Crisp Sandwich (1)


A decent base layer

It’s all about the sausage and bacon, but starting with a good knob of butter and some posh tomato chutney will set you off for a winner. Although if that’s not your jam, you do you. Get it, jam?!

Grill or fry some sausages and slice two lengthways. You should save the others for later, cold-from-the-fridge sausages are the best!


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 5


Crispy Bacon, Sliced Tomato, Salt and Peppercorn Crisps

These recipes are great, because you can pretty much get away with cooking everything in just one pan. After the sausages are done, throw in the bacon too so it goes nice and crispy around the edge. Nobody wants any chewy rind thank you very much. Thinly slice the tomato and layer it up (this isn’t 100% necessary, but counts as the healthy bit of the sandwich). Lastly, for the crisps. Pile them up high, ready to crunch them down with the lid.


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 6


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 11


I haven’t had one in years, so this was a real treat and made me think, why should the kids have all the fun?! Overall, I think the chicken avo was my favourite (we had half of each one to taste test them both) but they were both pretty great. It really doesn’t get more British than a crisp sandwich!


The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Burts 9

I was sent these crisps for the purposes of a review, but all opinions and recipes are my own!


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