Where to find inspiration for blog posts

Since starting a blog nearly 2 months ago, I’ve been amazed by how often my mind automatically switches to “ooh that would make a good blog post” or “must…take…photo”. I’m sure that it’s because I always have a lot to say, but for now my drafts folder is bulging and I come up with new post ideas far quicker than I can write them, so I thought I’d share a few tips about how I get inspired for blog posts.


1. Read other blogs

One of the main reasons I started a blog was because I was obsessed with reading them! My bloglovin’ account wasn’t used to the best of its ability and I rarely commented on anything I was reading, but that wouldn’t stop me spending hours scrolling through what other people had to say and absorbing so much about what content I liked and the sort of blog I’d have if I made one (little did I realise a few months later I would – not realising how difficult it is to make it a reality!) Like someone elses idea? Do a similar post…just remember to be a friendly blogger and link back to them if it was their content that inspired you.

2. Try something new

You can just sit around waiting for inspiration to strike – you have to get out there and make your content yourself. Why not bake a new recipe to document, review a film that’s just been released, visit somewhere you’ve never been before or teach yourself a new hobby? You never know, you might discover a new favourite food or place or uncover a hidden talent you never knew you had!

3. Think about time

Most blogs are written in the present tense, focusing on “Friday favourites” or “OOTD” or “what I did this weekend” but that shouldn’t be the limit of your blog. Everyone goes through stages where for weeks it feels like all you do is sleep, eat, work, repeat and that doesn’t make great content. If you’re stuck for blogging inspiration think about what you may have done in the past – places you’ve visited, food you’ve eaten, exciting things you’ve done. Another great post is looking into the future – what you want to achieve, a travel bucketlist, or hopes for the next month, year or even decade.

4. Get ahead of yourself

I usually find that my best blog ideas arise when I’m not even thinking about blogging. Uusually at awkward times that make it difficult to note them down, like when I’m doing the food shopping, am in the bath, or on the phone to my granny. However, one of the best ways to keep yourself busy when you’ve got writers block is to be prepared with a huge long list of drafts in various stages of completion so that you aren’t ever stuck with nothing to work on. Chances are you’ll have forgotten it by the morning, so as soon as you think of something great, note it down (I always carry a little notebook in my bag wherever I go).

5. Do what you love

My favourite blogs are those where the authors are passionate about what they’re writing. If the subject matter bores you, why bother! Blogging should be fun and inspiring to write, so fill your content with things you love, because whether you’ve even any good at it doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying yourself – plus you could use your blog to challenge yourself to have a go at something you’d like to be better at.

6. Talk to people

Some of the best ways to get inspired are much closer than we ever think. Talk to your friends, family, boyfriend, colleagues and cat (well, maybe not cat so much…) to give you a creative boost and fill you with lovely ideas. It doesn’t even need to be about blogging, but by taking the time to discuss anything and everything with the people around you will find different points of view and topics you wouldn’t think about sitting on your own at your computer for 14 hours.

7. Take a break

Stuck in a rut? Blogging getting boring? Can’t think of a single interesting thing to write? Then DON’T!

Go outside, get some fresh air and don’t even think about it for a while. Whether you shutdown your computer for half an hour or three weeks, giving yourself a break is sometimes exactly what you need to come back to it feeling refreshed and inspired to write something incredible. The pressure to post as many times as you do only comes from you (unless you’re being paid to post regularly, in which case, get back to work!) and you can dictate when you can afford to put time into your blog and when it just gets in the way. The best way to create really great content is to get out there and do really great things. If you’re inspired by something, the best chance is that someone else will be too – so turn off your screens, switch your phone to silent and eat a meal for once without taking an a aerial photo.


Have you got any tips for finding creative inspiration?